Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Conservatives Hate Science

We know that Liberals are smarter than Conservatives...


...why do Conservatives hate science?  Well, there's Climate Change for one thing...the oil companies and industrial magnates hate hearing about it and might have to lose money just to save the planet.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong) | ASSOCIATED PRESS
"Dem Mayors In Red States To Fight Climate Change As GOP Leaders Question Its Existence."

"HOUSTON (AP) — Mayors from the GOP-dominated states of Texas and Arizona are calling on cities to use nature to fight the impacts of climate change, even while Republican governors and lawmakers repeatedly question the science that shows human-caused pollution contributes to global warming.

"As conservative governors criticize the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's new rules designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, the mayors — many from cities already struggling with climate-change effects — are taking steps and spending money to stem the damage..."
Maybe this will work...

If you study science, it might make you read and stuff -- then where will we be?

"Fox News Host Embarrassed By Fact Checkers After Blaming Obama for Bush Mistake."


"I’m not sure what’s more amusing, the fact that Fox News’ slogan is “Fair and Balanced” or that tens of millions of people actually believe that they’re fair and balanced. I think the worst part is Fox News doesn’t even try to hide their bias.  They’re essentially an anti-Obama propaganda machine, masquerading as a news organization..."

Then you might question how much money they're stealing from us...

While the rest of us get poisoned like this...

And this...

But as long as the rich are doing well, everything is okay...isn't it?

So as long as we keep our noses in the book Conservatives want us to read...

...everything will be just peachy keen!

"Oklahoma Tea Party Candidate Doesn’t ‘Have A Problem With’ Stoning Gays to Death."


"Scott Esk, a tea party Republican, is running for the Oklahoma state House. In addition to fancying himself a libertarian, a position that’s all about preserving and exercising unfettered individual liberty, Esk also believes gay people should be stoned to death, per Leviticus 20:13.

"And, no, it wasn’t based on a gotcha! question, nor is this a misinterpretation of a vague, off-handed remark. He really said he’s “we would be totally in the right” to stone gay people..."

And in a perfect Conservative world...


So what are you going to do about it?

Conservatives usually do well in midterm elections since everyone stays at home.  We can only hope that this year will be an exception to the rule...or is criminalizing Conservatism the only solution to save our democracy -- and the planet?  Check with us after Election Day.


"Democrats legislate; Republicans investigate."ay

President Lyndon Johnson.


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