Sunday, June 15, 2014

Republican Killers

"Republican Killers" is our topic for today, starting with a piece from the National Review(!), "Republican Killers. 


Conservatives over at the National Review are warning the Sheeplets that people may be suggesting that Conservatism kills:

"As the 2014 midterm elections ramp up, liberal media have are pinning the death of a Florida woman on Republicans.


"'Democrats Need to Start Blaming the GOP for the Death of Charlene Dill' is the title of a recent piece by Brian Beutler at the New Republic, and others are agreeing with him..."

(Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, and it just takes a few photos and toons to prove it.  The following graphics were collected from other ones we've seen today -- there are always stories and toons each and every day that show how Conservatives lie, steal, and kill...wake up Sheeple!)

Or does this tell you something else?

The NRA is the Conservatives' friend, and between the two of them America is  the victim:

This is what you vote for when you pull the lever for your favorite "Conservative" candidate:

When the richest and greediest among us hire a Conservative to make them money, Conservatives have to lie.  After all in a participatory democracy, people really don't like to vote for candidates who admit that they exist only to serve the rich.

Conservatives have to lie or the voters might realize that the Conservative front group, the GOP, is no different from any other criminal syndicate that lies, steals, and kills for a living.


"You know what, evolution is a myth….Why aren’t monkeys still evolving into

Former Republican Party candidate, and conservative activist Christine O’Donnell.


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