Saturday, June 21, 2014

If The Whole Country Was Conservative

Conservatives dream of a world completely free of progressive or liberal thought.  What would the country be like then?  Read on...


And we'd probably pay through the nose for everything...

We'd be living in a Wonderful Conservative World!

Just look at what Conservatism has done for us already -- Paul Buchheit explains what happened at in his story, "5 extreme acts of greed that screw the American people."

"Examples of extreme inequality are becoming easier to find. Americans – especially young Americans – need to know the facts, and they need to know how they’re getting cheated, and they need to get angry. The following should help.

"1. $1,000,000,000,000,000 in Sales. Not One Cent for Sales Tax"

5 extreme acts of greed that screw the American people

"The trading volume on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) reached an incomprehensible $1 quadrillion in notional value in 2012. That’s a thousand trillion dollars. In comparison, the entire U.S. GDP is $17 trillion.

"On that quadrillion dollars of sales CME imposes transfer fees, contract fees, brokerage fees, Globex fees, clearing fees, and contract surcharges, many of them on both the buyer’s and seller’s side. As a result, the company had a profit margin higher than any of the top 100 companies in the nation from 2008 to 2010, and it’s gotten even higher since then.

"But not a penny in sales tax for the taxpayers who provide publicly-funded infrastructure, technology, systems of law, and security to help them process billions of financial transactions.

"Instead — incredibly — CME complained that its taxes were too high, and they demanded and received an $85 million tax break from the State of Illinois."


In a Conservative World, Freedom of Speech would rule as Justin Baragona at explains in a story, "Tea Partying Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh Is Mad That Radio Station Won’t Let Him Say The N-Word."

"During the broadcast of his AM talk radio show Thursday evening, former one-term Republican Congressman Joe Walsh live-tweeted that he was being censored by his radio station from having an “honest conversation” about racial slurs. Walsh felt that the station was practicing a double standard by allowing him to use the term ‘redskin’ when discussing the ongoing controversy over the name of Washington’s NFL franchise, but would not let him use his airtime to say other racial slurs, particularly the N-word."

Women would be happier under Conservatism rule as Rita Christensen tells us at Americans Against The Tea Party in her post, "Christian College Tells Rape Victims to Repent and Search for ‘Root Sin’ That Caused Their Own Rape."

"Rape victims at Bob Jones University must seek out and repent of the sin that caused their rapes, according to Al Jazeera America’s investigative report. A 19-year old woman, whose supervisor raped her several times, sought help from the dean of the school two years later. The victim, Katie Landry, said that the dean told her:
"Well, there’s always sin under other sin. There’s a root sin. We have to find the sin in your life that caused your rape."
But in the New American Age of Feudalism, we'll have a world without Entitlements...

And not to worry, as Zachary Roth tells us that the Federal government won't be in our business anymore in his article as, "Texas Republicans call for repealing the Voting Rights Act."

A voter arrives at a polling site, Tuesday, March 4, 2014, in San Antonio.

"When the Supreme Court weakened the Voting Rights Act last year, it allowed Texas to implement what is perhaps the nation’s strictest photo ID law. But according to the state’s Republicans, the federal government still has too much influence on how it runs elections.

"The Texas GOP platform, released Thursday, calls for the repeal of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965, the most successful civil-rights law in the nation’s history. It also supports scrapping the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, which has helped millions register to vote. And it advocates making voters re-register every four years, among other restrictive policies.

"In sum, the party wants to get the federal government out of the business of overseeing state elections—returning voting law to where it was before the civil rights movement..."


The aim of the Conservative "movement" in it's guise as the Republican Party has always been about one thing -- the elevation of the rich and powerful over the 97 percent.

Pay no attention to the noise, the pleas for "freedom," the claims of racial equality and justice, the phony call for balanced budgets, and the calls for "protection of life."

They're false slogans to lure others into their camp, smoke and mirrors to hide the true aims of Conservative leaders, their fellow travelers, and propagandists...

...all in the name of the New Age of American Feudalism.


"The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the
shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church."

Ferdinand Magellan.


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