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Polls: People Don't Like And Don't Trust Republicans

Continuing with this week's theme of the possible death throws of the GOP and Fox News, we are reprinting two takes on some recent polls, the first an article by Kos at the, "Pew poll: People still don't like Republicans," and another piece by Stephen D. Foster Jr., "Poll Shows 80 Percent Of Americans Don’t Trust Republicans To Run The Nation.":

Now why would voters think Republicans are unethical, extreme, and unconcerned with the needs of regular people?
From the Daily Kos:

"If you were taking a look at Pew's latest health care-related poll, you'd certainly be struck by the big number Jed pulled out earlier today: that voters trust the Democratic Party on health care over the GOP by a 45-38 margin, despite the botched Obamacare rollout. Given Republicans are running their entire 2014 campaign on taking away people's Obamacare insurance and abortion, this can't make them too happy.

"But that's not the only interesting data in the poll.

"Third Way and their friends will weep at this:
"'Overall, 63% say reducing the budget deficit should be a top priority for Congress and the president this year, down from 72% a year ago. Most of the decline has come among Democrats: Only about half of Democrats – 49% – view deficit reduction as a top priority, down 18 points since last January.
 "Remember that stuff about Republicans coming up with a poverty agenda?  Never mind that nonsense.
"'[A]nother policy objective – dealing with the problems of the poor and needy – has declined as a top priority among Republicans. Just 32% of Republicans say dealing with the problems of poor and needy people should be a top priority for Obama and Congress, down 14 points since 2013 (46%).'

"The public really thinks Republicans are assholes:

"Heck, Republicans should be humiliated that the public sees the parties tied on the issue of handling taxes, 41-41. That's supposed to be their issue. But conservatives can console themselves with their 45-36 lead on handling the federal budget deficit and a narrow 42-38 lead on the economy.

"Given that the economy is the number one issue for voters, that's not an insignificant consolation. But Republicans will have to stop coming across as such creeps in order to capitalize on that. And so far, they're doing a pretty poor job of it."


And on to the second article:

According to the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, a stunning 80 percent majority do not trust Republicans to govern the nation. Worse, the GOP can’t even get 20 percent of Americans to trust them. Image: alexmh17

"80 percent. That’s a huge number. To get that many Americans to agree on anything is extremely rare these days. And that has to especially sting if you’re a Republican.

"An overwhelming 80 percent of Americans don’t trust Republicans.

"According to the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, a stunning 80 percent majority do not trust Republicans to govern the nation. Worse, the GOP can’t even get 20 percent of Americans to trust them. That number stands at just 19 percent. We’re talking about a major political party that desperately hopes to take over the Senate and keep control of the House in 2014 and find a viable candidate to capture the White House in 2016. These poll numbers should totally embarrass Republicans.

"Democrats and President Obama scored much better in the Washington Post/ABC News poll.

"On the other hand, Democrats and President Obama scored much better, but not by a whole lot. President Obama’s approval rating now stands at 46 percent, a four point upswing since November. Meanwhile, 27 percent of Americans have faith in Democrats, while 72 percent don’t. Sure, those numbers are still pretty bad, but not nearly as horrible as the flack Republicans are taking. Even most Republican voters aren’t enamored with the GOP right now, with only 36 percent saying they approve of how their party is functioning. It’s the complete opposite for the Democratic Party, as most of their members are united in approval.
"Republicans are doing worse now than they were during the government shutdown.

"These latest Republican numbers are even lower than they were during the government shutdown in October. At that time, an NBC/WSJ poll found that GOP favorability had hit a record low of 28 percent. Clearly, with only 19 percent viewing the party positively in this new poll, Republicans are even more hated now. And that’s really bad for them and really good for President Obama as the State of The Union speech approaches.
"This disastrous poll should make Republicans more serious about changing their tune.

"If Republicans weren’t serious about changing their ways before, these numbers should make them think again. The never-ending war on women, immigrants, the poor, people of color, and the LGBT community has completely destroyed the GOP. When only one out of five Americans says you’re party is working just fine, that’s not a problem, that’s a disaster. But the party doesn’t show any signs of changing any time soon. Yet another showdown over the debt ceiling is looming and even as courts strike down their anti-gay and anti-abortion agenda, Republicans are refusing to budge on these issues. And that’s even as a majority of Americans support Democrats on both of these social issues. That being said, the poll shows that an equal number of people plan to vote for Republican candidate as plan to vote for a Democrat. In short, as much as many voters hate Republicans, they’re too ignorant and narrow-minded to punish them in the voting booth. And that is the tragedy within this poll." 


If the GOP ever needed voter intimidation, voter suppression, and voter machine fixing, they need it now, especially when they note that "(t)hese latest Republican numbers are even lower than they were during the government shutdown in October."  (And they will note it.)

Without fixing the vote George W. Bush would have been just another footnote in college history books, and without fixing the vote the country will suffer more years of Conservative criminality and more years witnessing the destruction of the Middle Class.

It's interesting to note that these numbers have moved down with the Conservatives' new penchant for truth-telling as they have admitted their love of their unprincipled principles in recent years instead of lying about them as they did in the past.

A bit of hubris, anyone?

And while their consultants have shown the GOP where they went wrong, they are still the same old criminally minded Conservatives.

Next: More of the same.


“If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another
Democrat president.”

Ann Coulter.


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