Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Conservative Crime In The News

Every so often people ask whether we run out of essays or stories to post, and the answer is a resounding "No!"  The amount of stories we miss is staggering, and every so often we have to post a series of posts that point to the inescapable conclusion, that Conservatism is a vast, rightwing criminal conspiracy that dwarfs all other criminal cartels in history.

1.  From Christian Dem at the, "Pat Robertson reportedly diverted Operation Blessing donations to mining project," a peak at one of Conservatives evangelical capos, made rich by the contributions of the gullible Sheeplets.

2.  We haven't heard any direct criticism of the Supreme Court from a siting Senator until now, as "Elizabeth Warren Slams Supreme Court As ‘Subsidiary Of Big Business,’" an expose of the SCOTUS Fascist Five from Catherine Thompson at TPMLIVEWIRE.

3.  "The Tea Party's Social Agenda," an oped at by Ari Melber at, shows us how the Tea "Party" is just a collection of Republicans - with a religious framework, but more reactionary bent than their parent GOP.

4.  The ever-prolific Robert Parry at has a piece called, "Ignoring the GOP’s White Racism," an essay showing the "subtext for many of the actions of the modern Right and the modern Republican Party..." - racism.

5.  And what do the Conservatives have in mind for the once-great public school system in the U.S?  Aaron Case at has a piece that reveals the laboratory experiment of the Conservatives gone wild, "'Indescribably insane': A public school system from hell - Pennsylvania's right-wing governor drains public schools of basic funds -- and the sickening details will shock you."

6.  "The Number of Homes With An Unemployed Parent Rose By A Third In Just Six Years," by Niraj Chokshi at the tells us of the race of the Conservative leaders to put the 98 percent of us in poverty - a race that they're winning.

7.  The "marriage of slavery/segregation and small-government philosophy has endured as long as there has been a United States of America," according to the short history lesson, "The Marriage of Libertarians and Racists," - again by Robert Parry at

William F. Buckley, Jr.

8.  A companion piece to the article above, "The Tea Party’s Legacy of Racism," connects the dots.

Right-winger Glenn Beck addressing Tea Party rally on Capitol Hill on June 19, 2013.

9.  "Overcoming 'Overburden': The Climate Crisis and a Unified Left Agenda - Why unions need to join the climate fight," a speech by Naomi Klein and given to, explains why labor unions and environmentalists can finally get on the same page.

10. Our tenth piece by "Gottalaff" at, "Decline of organized labor has helped worsen racial wage gap," combines the Conservative War On Women with the War On Minorities with the War On Workers.

Any of the 10 articles could stand by itself as a daily posting, and I've left many out because of the lack of time, but check out the links below, they're all worth the time:

Flash Mob at Raleigh Walmart (video) by TriangleNC

When grouped together, these posts expose the criminality of Conservatism, a crime cartel hiding behind the mask of a faux political "philosophy."  Only when the uninformed voters "get it," only when they realize that Conservatism shouldn't be hidden by First Amendment rights any more than any other criminal syndicate should, will Conservatism finally be eliminated from the political arena.


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