Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Criminalize Conservatism!

Today marks the first anniversary of this site, and a year ago we went online with a short essay, "Yes, Virginia, There Is A Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy," followed a week later while we were finishing our Pages by our post, "Grand Opening - Politicians For Sale!"

We started the Facebook version of the site a little later, and have been averaging around 2,000 hits per week there, exclusive of the total hits of 80,000 on the site alone since we started a year ago.

Things changed rapidly.  We discovered through our own posts that merely calling for the punishment of those Conservative leaders, propagandists, and other fellow travelers was overlooking something of great importance: the Conservative Sheeplets.

Covered under the topic of  "Conservatives Are Stupid," we posted over 60 stories - almost a sixth of our total daily output - about the Sheeplets' inability to think for themselves as a genetic truism, as we begged for mercy for the simpletons after the final criminalization of Conservatism (, preferring to institute a system of re-education camps to enable them to see by remedial classes in history, English, civics, common curtesy, and logic, as well as neurological discoveries, as we prepare them to re-enter a democratic society.

And our formula remains the same:  a daily look at a news story or oped showing how the vast criminal conspiracy going under the name "Conservatism" has been bringing our country to its knees as the leadership's persistent attempts to drive us to a new American age of feudalism has relentlessly continued through the centuries.

The Facebook version of our site includes daily 'toons and photos pointing out our premise: that Conservatism must be outlawed to save our country.

After a year of posting, we continue on our fight.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and we hope that our fight leads to some thought about Conservatism, the GOP, and any other institutions that have led our nation to misery, ruination, death, and outright theft of our money and political institutions in their continual fight for a plutocracy to replace our participatory democracy.


"All generalizations are false, including this one."

Mark Twain