Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stupid Conservative Signs, Finale

The last of our series on "Stupid Conservative Signs," unless they are called out on a new demonstration...Again with many tips of the hat to and the Facebook version (, we begin with one of our favorites, not the usual example of bad grammar or awful spelling, but a typical Sheeplet brain fart:

And while you're at it, out of my Social Security too...

Me very sorry...

Shouldn't that be "Not As A Party's?"

Gotta watch out for those tendancies!

While he was busy trying to spell "sactity," he forgot to draw the arms.

Another one of those Christian prescibtions...

While you're at it, can you make me a pirate too?

No Comminizm either!

We put a "U" after "Qs" here, not like Arabic writing...Hey!

Maybe she's from Brooklyn?

It's embarrassing when you run short of Ts...

Funny, I thought it was spelled "Democrcy."

If you hate it, just misspell it.

This is such a beautiful work of art, we almost gave it a pass.

Don't laugh -- they really is intoleable!

Scratch a looser, find a Sheeplet.

Everything about the English language, I learned from Sarah Palin.

Well, how would *you* pronounce "except," wise guy?

You may have needed just a few more hours of sleep.

Mom wrote  this stupid sign, then made me carry it.

Didn't we say something about "loosing" earlier?

Naw, it's just a coincidence -- I can't even spell it!

And by God, Arkansas is going to *get* soveniegty!

To much, Governor Brewer, to much.

This has to be the last of our "Stupid Conservative Signs." Doesn't it? Please?

We are filing this 53rd post in our "Conservatives Are Stupid" Department (  We've gotten more than a few comments from our dear Sheeplets, all with the biting rebuttals starting with "We're not stupid, you are!"

For those of you who missed our previous peeks at the wonderful world of Stupid Conservative Signs, have a few shots, take a couple of Diazapams, and click here --> AND AND

We've repeatedly called for reeducating our Conservative Sheeplets after Conservatism is criminalized, ignoring the pleas to have them neutered.  Spaying Sheeplets would be cruel and heartless, and probably wouldn't work to improve their spelling anyway.


"Stubborn and ardent clinging to one's opinion is the best proof of stupidity."

Michel de Montaigne (One of the most influential writers of the French Renaissance,

known for his *Essays.* 1533 – 1592)