Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Most Popular Posts

Our pc went down this morning and is fubar...our Blackberry is resistant to lengthy typing of any degree, so today we'll look at a few posts that have been deemed "popular" in the past 10 months or so by the Blogger software from Google.

First, "Conservatism: A Cult of Death," an amusing look at the fact that Conservatism kills, more evidence that Conservatism by definition requires some of us to die...and not always peacefully. --> (

2. "15 Mind-Numbingly Things TEApublicans Have Said Lately." Most of our "Conservatives Are Stupid" posts ( are quite popular, this one more than most.  (

3. "The GOP According To Jefferson." This one was a surprise.  Although is is one of our favorite posts, since it is the cornerstone of our premise that a Party of Evil has existed for ages, it is a tad wordy.  (

4. "Republican Sex Offenders."  This one is no surprise -- (

5. "The Rich Are Greedier Than The Poor...WAY Greedier!" Another surprise for us, and a great complement for number one, above.  (

6. "Stupid Conservative Signs."  The picture is highlighted by our favorite, Mr. Moran, and we  have a feeling that this may move up to at least number three before long. (

7. "The Proud And The Profane." A paean to our favorite trolls -- at the time, numerous leftish trolls have popped up since this was posted.  (

8. "New Study Proves Again: Conservatives Are Stupid."  Do we see a trend here?  (

9. "New GOP Civil War Battlefield: Fox News."  A rather unwieldy title, but descriptive of the Tea Billy-GOP Civil War that we're having so much fun watching. (

10. "Rove's Voting Machine Hacks: Hacked."  The last on our list, and with even a more awkward title than number 9, but will probably be relevant next year. (

Besides these ten postings, we have gotten a lot of attention with our posts on "Conservatives Are Stupid." (, as well as the Pages (Pages are listed in the tabs on the top of the site) "Objections Rebutted," mostly found at the end of a querulous complaint that we are seeking a one-party system or are trampling on the 1st Amendment. (, and "Conservative Rhetoric," a summary of the debate style of the Conservative Sheeplets. (

For the bibliophiles like ourselves out there, we put a list like this previously, but with our favorite posts included...just click here -->

We are coming close to our first anniversary of the start of this site and take this time to thank all of you for bearing with us.  Radical ideas take time to take hold and while we have never formulated a formal implementation of the legal or political means of criminalizing Conservatism, we claim the idea of the concept itself, leaving the legal and political methodology to experts to put together sometime in the (hopefully) near future...Joyce, Jnr.


"The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past

Rene Descartes