Sunday, May 5, 2013

What Do Conservatives REALLY Believe In?

"What Do Republicans Believe?," an article over at, is an impressive and well-thought out summary of the social issues and decision-making processes that Conservative Sheeplets have been taught to believe in.  Social issues, not the economic issues that govern the leaderships' thinking.  The link between social issues and the decision-making processes seem rather vague until you realize that they are put into place to ignore the representative democracy put into place by the Constitution -- the Constitution only gets in the way of the relentless pursuit of a return to a Feudal Age so coveted by the richest and greediest among us.

At all times, keep in mind that the Conservative leaders and propagandists attract Sheeplets who are made for backwards thinking on social issues and methods of political decision-making, and that the issues are all smoke - smoke to hide the true Conservative agenda from their followers.

We will begin by quoting the beginning paragraph of a companion piece, "What Do Republicans Really Believe?," first:

"As everyone knows, Republicans are a bunch of bassackwards hillbilly robots with limited intelligence. When it comes to politics, they all join in lock step with each other and spout some of the most inane nonsense this side of a psychiatric ward. Below you'll find a comprehensive listing of all those things that Republicans really believe, as insane as those things might be. And look, I didn't just make this stuff up either. All this comes from logical conclusions one can draw from their policy statements and various things Republicans have said."

And now on to the first article:

"Generalizing about one particular group can be problematic. Do all Republicans believe exactly the same thing? Probably not. I'm sure there are differences between Republicans about things. Some Republicans vote that way because they're fiscally conservative and that trumps differences they may have about social issues. Others are less interested in the fiscal position of the party and vote that way due to their religious convictions. However, the Republican Party does stand for certain things, so when I answer the question: 'What Do Republicans Believe?', I'm answering with regard to the party as a whole.

"So what do Republicans believe? Here are their basic beliefs:

"Government is not the solution to domestic social problems - This is pretty universal among Republicans. Government should not be providing solutions to problems that confront people. Those problems should be solved by the people themselves. Relying on the government to solve problems is a crutch that makes people lazy and feel entitled to receive things without working for them.

"Religion and the belief in God is vital to a strong nation - Republicans are generally accepting only of the Judeo-Christian belief system. For most Republicans, religion is absolutely vital in their political beliefs and the two cannot be separated. Therefore, separation of church and state is not that important to them. In fact, they believe that much of what is wrong has been caused by too much secularism.

"State control should trump federal control - Decision-making should be as local as possible and if there's something important that needs solving on a social level, the state's decision should trump any federal decisions. The federal government should not have control over state decisions generally-speaking.

"The free market should control all financial decisions - the free market is the perfect decision-maker. There need be no interference in the market because ultimately the needs and desires of manufacturers and consumers will resolve themselves correctly in an unregulated market.

"Most of the other things that Republicans believe extend from one of the four basic tenets listed above: small government, religious authority, local control, and the power of free markets. Here are other things Republicans believe that derive from those basic ideas.

"Lower taxes - no matter what the situation, Republicans believe in lowering taxes across-the-board, for both individuals and businesses. As far as they are concerned, the more money that stays in the hands of the private sector, the better. People and businesses should be able to determine how and when they spend their money.

"A strong military - Republicans favor a strong military and using that military. Republicans are usually hawks where Democrats are doves. The strong military stance demonstrates how Republicans use the power of the federal government, though they believe that a strong military spurs innovation and directs tax dollars as investments into businesses they support.

"Privatize everything - Republicans are more likely to argue for the privatization of things than Democrats, even going so far as to advocate for privatizing fire departments and the police in some cases. This goes for Social Security, health care, medicare, and virtually anything else that's linked to the government in any way. No matter what it is, private industry can always do a better job than government.

"Homosexuals do not deserve equal rights - This comes from their religious beliefs, which form the basis for a lot of policy. Republicans believe that homosexuality is a choice and, as such, should not be acknowledged in the same way as other groups. Therefore, homosexuals should not be allowed to marry nor should they be allowed to adopt children.

"Gun control - Republicans support the position of the NRA and do not believe in gun control. They believe in the right of all citizens to own guns as detailed in the Constitution.

"Abortion is murder - Republicans are fundamentally against abortion and do not support the idea that a woman should be able to choose whether to end a pregnancy no matter the reason, though some Republicans make exceptions for rape and incest. Although Republicans believe abortion is murder and believe Roe v. Wade should be overturned, they do not usually explain what punishment should befall those who get or give abortions should it become illegal.

"Global warming is not real - Generally, Republicans question the conclusions scientists have come to regarding global warming. At best, they believe that the effects of global warming have been overstated and that regulating emissions should not be done. At worst, they believe it is a hoax.

"Evolution is not a legitimate theory - Republicans reject the theory of evolution and believe in creationism, the idea that God created man the way he is. They believe creationism should be taught in public schools.

"Illegal Immigrants must be deported - Republicans believe that illegal immigrants, no matter the reason they are in this country, should be forcibly removed from the U.S. Although illegal immigrants are often motivated to come to the U.S. by companies who hire them, Republicans generally believe that the focus of the law should be on the illegal immigrants and not on the corporations that hire them.

"Poverty must solve itself - Republicans believe that poor people are usually poor for a reason, be it laziness, choice or whatever. Unless we demand that people pull themselves up by the bootstraps and solve their own problems, people will not be motivated to do things. Therefore, the issue of poverty cannot be solved by the government. Charity should be the choice of individuals.

"Capital punishment is good - Republicans believe in the death penalty and support its use in cases where violent crimes have been committed.

"What single political position is most important to Republicans?

"Lower taxes
"Opposition to abortion
"Influence of the free market
"Gun rights
"Solving illegal immigration
"A strong military"

The answer?  All of the above.  And unless you are a Conservative Sheeplet, you have figured out the pattern in the eleven beliefs derived from the four "basic tenets," that the social issues are intertwined among the economic ideals of the Conservative leaders, front groups, and propagandists to lure the evangelical types to the ballot box.

The social issues are really unimportant to the Conservatives who count - the leaders and wealthy sponsors -  as David Kuo wrote so brilliantly about in his book, Tempting Faith, where he wrote "...that the Bush White House used its "faith-based initiatives" program to try to recruit "unconventional" Republican voters - including the poor, minorities, and others. (

We remind all of you again that Conservatism is the vehicle of the wealthy who want to rule as dictators, who believe that they are the only ones who are capable of ruling the 98 percent of us, and who will do anything to hide that fact while the 98 percent are still able to make their votes count.  Every social issue is merely a ruse to confuse the noisier and more intellectually challenged Sheeplets to their side by brainwashing them with memes and slogans to save them from deeper thinking, and teaching them some rudimentary rhetorical skills to enable them to flood the airwaves and internet with their viciousness and stupidity.


"Speak roughly to your little boy,
And beat him when he sneezes;
He only does it to annoy,
Because he knows it teases."

The Duchess, *Alice In Wonderland*