Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Study Proves Again: Conservatives Are Stupid

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.” -- Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Faithful readers of this site know of our fondness for Conservative Sheeplets from our frequent posts with the label, "Conservatives Are Stupid"  (, including the popular "Stupid Conservative Signs," ( and we present the 46th post on Conservative Stupidity today in around 10 months, a reprint of an essay, "New Study Proves Reaganomics Supporters Are Stupid Science-Denying Idiots!," by Omar Rivero at

"According to a new study by Psychological Science, those who believe in popular conservative free market economic theory are also more likely to not believe in science. This assertion should not come as a major surprise to any honest observer, but we now have empirical proof to support it.

"The study found that Americans who endorse free-market economic theories, which argue that the “magic hand” of the free market allows the markets to regulate themselves, and that markets work better with little, if any, government intervention, are more likely to deny climate change.

Based on a survey of climate blog visitors, the research team found that Americans who endorse free-market economics are much more likely to reject other widely accepted scientific theories. This should not surprise anybody. Anybody that, after witnessing the BP oil spill, the big banks nearly imploding the global financial economy with toxic American mortgage-backed securities, and predatory health insurance companies leaving over 35,000,000 uninsured Americans to fend for themselves, still believes that big banks and multinational corporations can regulate themselves, is either intellectually dishonest or simply refusing to acknowledge reality. According to the study, “Endorsement of free-market economics predicted rejection of climate science. Endorsement of free markets also predicted the rejection of other established scientific findings, such as the facts that HIV causes AIDS and that smoking causes lung cancer.

"Of course, we know that most prominent free-market backers go to great lengths to fund anti-government paranoia and anti-regulatory sentiment in order to stop the government from placing stricter environmental and financial regulations on their businesses. The billionaire Koch brothers are the best example, having funded several groups that push free-market ideology in addition to groups that claim that global warming is a hoax promulgated by lefty environmentalists.

"However, research as to why ordinary Americans would follow their lead and champion policies that destroy the environment and the American middle-class is relatively new. In general, social scientists agree that American conservatives tend to be skeptical of government, a trait that manifests itself in other aspects of their ideology.

"This anti-government paranoia serves as an intellectual shield, one that they use to ward off Liberals when we present to them the sad reality that trickle-down Reaganomics, loose financial regulations, and a complete and utter lack of environmental regulations are destroying the environment, the environment, and middle-class.

"Now, we have empirical research that proves that their aversion to facts and reality does not stem from an ideological opposition regarding a single issue, but instead manifests itself across their entire political ideology and across several key issues. Make some noise about these findings by sharing this and other related articles with your friends and family, so that we can all gain a better understanding of the conservative mindset and use this understanding to change their hearts and minds.

"This Earth Day (April 22), we remind the stupid science-denying TEApublicans: Climate Change is no joke."

No joke indeed!  The scientific issue is the destruction of the earth from man-made causes; the political issue is the Conservative leadership's denial and subsequent propaganda efforts - efforts that the Conservative sponsors are insistent upon to help them to make the big bucks at the expense of the lives of the people.

While we have urged others to be kind to the Conservative Sheeplets, as their stupidity may be genetic - and thus they may play an important role as "lab animals" in future scientific studies to correct their intellectual deficiencies.

But Climate Change is a horrific legacy for our children and grandchildren, and it doesn't take too much imagination to see the Conservative leaders and their rich benefactors being chased down the streets as the world comes to an end...

Before it's too late: Criminalize Conservatism and save those innocent - yet incredibly stupid -  Sheeplets from being run down and killed in the streets by angry hordes of their fellow citizens sometime in the near future - we reserve that end for the Conservative leaders and their fellow travelers and propagandists.


"It is only the first bottle that is expensive."

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