Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Conservatism Equals Theft, Murder, And Misery For All

Yesterday, we admonished a trollish young lady, "Barb Ann for questioning our premise that Conservatism was a cover for murderers, thieves, and the main political cause of misery for the populace.  Her razor-sharp mind came up with the following comment: "Get over it. Conservatives are law abiding citizens who respect our law enforcement. Unlike the whacked out left who threaten, attack and spit on them . The left have a long history of violence. At Lefty rallies and protest, SWAT teams come well prepared. At tea party rallies, you have to search for a cop."

Typical of most all Conservative Sheeplets, poor Barb Ann, unaware of her malpractice of the English language and general misuse of logical thinking (, was given a handful of links by this Adminstrator to see the evidence of the carnage caused by the Conservative leadership and abetted by Authoritarian types like herself...and we haven't heard from her since.

Barb Ann's comment is one of the few we have left undeleted over the past months, as they are all mirror images of each other: repetitive, drearily commonplace and predictable, illogical, and vicious...

But we must share the links with our regular readers, since they provide us with even more evidence for the second premise of the foundation of "Criminalizing Conservatism,"our informal syllogism, and found under -->

1. The term "Conservative" ONLY represents the political and thus, the economic interests of wealthy, who
2. Are succeeding in destroying our democracy by illegal, immoral, and murderous methods that justify labeling conservatism as felonious, conspiratorial, criminal behavior, and
3. Saving our democracy can be accomplished ONLY by Criminalizing Conservatism.

Another way of looking at the syllogism would be:

1. Conservatism serves the interests of wealthy, power-seeking criminals.
2. Conservatives are destroying our democracy through class warfare.
3. Conservatism must be made illegal.

Here are the links that we passed on to poor Barb Ann, with a few excerpts from each:


"US Citizens Will Die Because of the Republican Governors Who Won't Expand Medicaid"


"Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) opposes the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), and vows to block the expansion of Medicaid in his state. At a news conference this past week, Perry, flanked by conservative senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, declared 'Texas will not be held hostage by the Obama administration's attempt to force us into the fool's errand of adding more than a million Texans to a broken system.' About one-fourth of all Texans do not have health care coverage.

"According to an analysis by the Dallas Morning News, if Texas budgeted $15.6 billion over the next decade, it would receive more than $100 billion in federal Medicaid funds, allowing the state to cover about 1.5 million more residents, including about 400,000 children.

"Texas isn’t the only state to politicize health care.

"Gov. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) says that expanding Medicaid is the 'right thing to do,' but the Republican-dominated state legislature doesn’t agree. Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) is having the same problem with his Republican legislature, although participation in Medicaid would save the state about $1.9 billion during the next decade. Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.), one of the nation’s most vigorous opponents of the ACA, surprisingly has spoken in favor of Medicaid expansion to benefit her state’s residents.

"Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) and the Republican legislature oppose implementing the ACA and Medicaid expansion. Jindalsays the expansion would cost Louisiana about $1 billion during the next decade. However, data analysis by the state’s Department of Health and Hospitals reveals that if Louisiana accepted the federal program, which would benefit almost 600,000 residents, the state would actually save almost $400 million over the next decade. About one-fifth of all Louisianans lack health insurance.

"Pennsylvania, by population, is a blue state, but it has a Republican governor, and both houses of the Legislature are Republican-controlled. Gov. Tom Corbett says he opposes an expansion of Medicaid because it is 'financially unsustainable for Pennsylvania taxpayers' and would require a 'large tax increase.' This would be the same governor who believes that extending a $1.65 billion corporate welfare check to the Royal Dutch Shell Corp., a foreign-owned company, is acceptable but protecting Pennsylvanians’ health is not.

"Fifteen states, dominated by Republican governorships and legislatures, by declaring they won’t allow Medicaid expansion,are on record as placing political interests before the health of their citizens. Another 10 states are 'considering' whether or not to implement additional health care coverage for their citizens. The Republican states, pretending they believe in cost containment, claim they oppose Medicaid expansion because of its cost, even though the entire cost for three years is borne by the federal government, the states would pay only 10 percent of the cost after that. The cost to the states would average only about 2.8 percent, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget office.

"If all states agreed to the ACA expansion of Medicaid, 17–21 million low-income individuals would receive better health care. Among those would be about 500,000 veterans who do not have health insurance and whose incomes are low enough to qualify for health care, according to research compiled by the Urban Institute. Veterans don’t automatically qualify for VA benefits. Even those who do qualify for VA assistance may not seek health care because they don’t live close to a VA medical facility, and can’t afford health care coverage closer to home. Spouses of veterans usually don’t qualify for VA benefits.

"Because they have no health insurance, 6.5 to 40.6 percent of Americans, depending upon the county they live in, delay necessary medical treatment, according to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The 6.5 percent rate is for Norfolk, Mass.; the 40.6 percent rate is in Hidalgo, Texas. (Most of Pennsylvania falls in the 6.5–13.4 percent rate.) Texas and Florida have the highest rates of residents who delay getting proper medical care because of a lack of adequate insurance."

"How the Gun Industry Is Killing Americans

From the introduction of the book by Tom Diaz at The New PressThe Last Gun: How Changes in the Gun Industry Are Killing Americans and What It Will Take to Stop It:

"In the four decades between 1969 and 2009, a total of 5,586 people were killed in terrorist attacks against the United States or its interests, according to a May 2011 report by a conservative Washington policy institute, the Heritage Foundation. This number includes those killed in the terror attacks within the United States on September 11, 2001. By comparison, more than 30,000 people were killed by guns in the United States every single year between 1986 and 2010, with the exception of four years in which the number of deaths fell slightly below 30,000—1999, 2000, 2001, and 2004. In other words, the number of people killed every year in the United States by guns is about five times the grand total of Americans killed in terrorist attacks anywhere in the world since 1969.

"Here is another perspective. In 2010, five Americans were killed worldwide by terrorist attacks. In the same year, fifty- five law enforcement officers were killed by guns in the United States—out of a total of fifty-six officers killed feloniously. (The fifty-sixth officer was killed by a motor vehicle.) In plain words, more than ten times the number of law enforcement officers were killed by guns in the United States in 2010 than all of the Americans killed by terrorism anywhere in the world that year. It gets even worse.

"Every year, more Americans are killed by guns in the United States than people of all nationalities are killed worldwide by terrorist attacks...(The book) documents:

" detail each of the following factors that contribute to the unique position of the United States as the world's dark archetype of gun violence:
• Levels of gun death and injury that mark the United States as a frightening aberration among industrialized nations.
• Deliberate suppression of data regarding criminal use of firearms, gun trafficking, and the public health consequences of firearms in the United States.
• The almost universal failure of the American news media to report on, even to understand, the continuing hurricane of gun violence in America.
• Aggressive "hypermarketing" of increasingly lethal weapons by a faltering industry.
• Militarization of the civilian gun market as the driving force in that marketing.
• Indifference by policy makers who might be expected to lead on gun control, and widespread acquiescence by elected officials to the gun lobby's unrelenting legislative campaigns.


And in what may end up being the most horrific result of Conservative intransigence in our history - and the history of the habital earth:

"Subsidies Play “Significant Role” in Climate Change, IMF Says

"Washington - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is urging national governments around the world to roll back or eliminate subsidies on petroleum-based energy sources, estimating that this alone could result in a 13-percent decline in global carbon dioxide emissions.

"In an unusual new paper marking its full entry into the climate change debate, the Washington-based fund on Wednesday said the cost of 'pre-tax' subsidies for these products, when consumers pay less than the cost of supply, stood at about 480 billion dollars in 2011.

"Further, the 'post-tax' cost of these subsidies – wherein a government doesn’t charge enough to take into account the negative ramifications of energy consumption, including environmental impact – are far higher. Suggesting a figure far higher than previous estimates, the IMF puts this number at around 1.9 trillion dollars, or 2.5 percent of global GDP.

"While developing countries and emerging economies account for much of the pre-tax subsidies, IMF researchers have found that developed countries make up some 40 percent of the post-tax total. The United States leads all countries in this regard, at nearly a half trillion dollars in annual subsidies, followed by Russia and China.
“In some countries – New Zealand is a typical example – severe fiscal crises have indeed allowed governments to deal with all of their energy subsidies at once, and this could happen in the U.S. as well. But the politics on this stuff is fierce.”

And where do we get off calling the end result of Climate Change :the most horrific result of Conservative intransigence in our history - and the history of the habital earth?"

Read 'em and weep:

"Risks to civilization, humans, and planet Earth
From Wikipedia -->,_humans,_and_planet_Earth

"This article is about the near and very far future. For past civilizations, see Societal collapse.
"'Doomsday scenario' redirects here. For the Judge Dredd storyline, see The Doomsday Scenario.

"An existential risk narrowly refers to any factor threatening the existence of humanity. Existential risks may also broadly refer to any of the various risks that have the potential to destroy, or drastically restrict, human civilization; to lead to human extinction; or even to cause the end of Earth.[1] Severe events could cause the extinction of all life on the planet Earth, the destruction of the planet Earth, the annihilation of the solar system, to the annihilation of our galaxy or even the entire universe. Existential risks are distinguished from other forms of risk both by their scope, affecting all of humanity, and severity; destroying or irreversibly crippling the target.

"Natural disasters, such as supervolcanoes and asteroids, may pose existential risks if sufficiently powerful, though man-made events could also threaten the survival of intelligent life on Earth, like catastrophic global warming..." -->
If the premises that "Conservatism Equals Theft, Murder, And Misery For All" are empirically sound - and they certainly have proven to be quite sound, and that life is preferable to death, then one must help to criminalize Conservatism before it's too late.


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