Sunday, November 10, 2013

Who Was That Famous "Get A BRAIN! MORANS" Guy?

Although he's not on the level of American folk heroes as Paul Bunyan, John Henry The Steel Driving Man, or Pecos Bill, the Get A BRAIN! MORAN guy has approached folklore status, and after all these years that he has graced the blogs of non-Conservatives everywhere, we decided to exercise that hard-hitting investigative journalism that we're so well known for, just to find out if anyone knows who he is.

First a little background on the mysterious identity from an article posted several years ago on, "Get A Brain Morans.":


"Get a Brain! Morans is an exploitable photograph of a man seen at a protest outside a Boeing plant in St Charles, Missouri in 2003. The infamously misspelled sign came to embody the 'proud to be ignorant' stereotype sometimes placed on midwestern or southern Americans.


"Though the man’s identity is unknown, the photo was taken on March 23rd, 2003 outside of St. Louis, Missouri.[1] On that day, approximately 350 pro-peace activists got together with civilian weapons inspectors at the Boeing missile factory, asking to investigate the weapons of mass destruction being produced there. When they were denied access, the protestors sat in front of the main gate in protest. Approximately 75 pro-war supporters came to the factory with signs discouraging the sit-in. One of these supporters held the 'Get a Brain Morans' sign. The photo was initially shared on the St. Louis Indymedia Center[2] in 2003.


"Memewatch[3] caught on to the photo quickly, posting the image to their site on March 31st, 2003. The phrase was added to Urban Dictionary[4] on June 29th, 2004. By November of that year, Relentlessly Optimistic[5] posted the image, saying it was “ubiquitous,” linking to the Google image search page, alluding to the fact that it was already widely spread. On September 9th, 2005, the first YTMND[6] was posted, with the Price is Right losing horn playing. That month, the Moran appeared in a photoshop series at Democratic Underground[7] forum.

"Over the years, the photo was used widely on blog posts as a reaction image to something a poster considers to be idiotic, like this example from April 10th, 2007 on Stampede Blue.[8] In 2008, he was seen on Cracked[9] and Gizmodo.[10] The photo is also the example on the TV Tropes 'Humans are Morons' page.[11]

"It was rumored that the message was actually intended to critique Democratic Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia.[12]. On March 3rd, 2003, Moran spoke at an anti-war forum stating that the war was being pushed forward by the Jewish community.[13] He received much criticism for it and was called to resign by Jewish leaders. Other than personal blog posts and comments, there is no solid connection between the sign and the politician.


"While 'get a brain, morans' has become primarily associated with liberal criticism against pro-war activism, the image of the picket sign has been also used to criticize the long-time Virginia congressman Jim Moran (D) on various political forums and blogs like Democratic Underground[17], Death by Trolley[15] and Alarming News.[16]

"Notable Examples

"Search Interest

"While 'get a brain' itself has a common use, search for it has similar peaks to 'get a brain morans' through April 2010. 'Get a brain' had its first peak in April 2006,
'Get a brain morans' did not see much search traffic until January 2008.

Interest over time. Web Search. Worldwide, 2004 - present.
"get a brain""get a brain morans"20052007200920112013

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Now we flash forward to two years ago, when an article, "Get A Brain, Morans!,"by Jason Brannon at appeared that blew Get A BRAIN MORANS!'s cover:

"Josh 'Randy' Sullivan is a Cardinals fan and the author of the wildly offensive and little-read Twitter feed Birds On Bats. But you might recognize him from this photograph, taken at an Iraq War counter-protest in 2004, which shortly thereafter became an internet sensation.

"I met Randy at Busch Stadium earlier this season. After some prodding, he agreed to an interview on the condition that I buy him two KFC Famous Bowls™.

"Randy's opinions are his own and do not reflect those of SB Nation or the St. Louis Cardinals baseball organization.


"Randy, thanks for talking with me. First off, let's get some background. Where are you from, and what do you do?

"I'm from Decatur, Illinois, born and raised. And until a few months ago, I worked at the local corn sugar factory.

"As I'm sure you know, the photograph of you at the‒

"‒I can't talk about that. I'm in the process of suing that photographer and a bunch of internet people, if I can find a lawyer who'll represent me. [To tape recorder] If anyone listening to this is a lawyer or an attorney, please contact my twitter so I can sue somebody..."

The rest of the article is a mundane discussion of Randy's favorite team, and meanders along the lines of, "We truly are the best and most knowledgeable fans of any team in baseball..."

Randy's decision not to sue anyone for his wonderful photo makes sense.  After all, he's the one that made the moranic sign in the first place, helping Progressives and Liberals all over the world in their creative efforts to help fight the functional illiteracy of the Conservative Sheeplets.

AND there's even a newsletter derived from his meme:

AND a Get A Brain Morans! Elvis imitator:

AND a Halloween costume:

Rather than putting this post in the index as "Investigative Journalism," it will be classified under the category, "Conservatives Are Stupid," a category growing day by day.

Please join us as we get to work in fighting to criminalize Conservative criminals, the Conservative Sheeplets are quite fierce, working very hard to Get A BRAIN MORANS!


“For at least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice
and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity, idealism, dogmatism
and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious or political idols”

Aldous Huxley, Complete Essays 1, 1920-25.



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    1. Agreed. The part where he interrupted the interview to say that he's launching a (utterly hopeless) lawsuit over this, and then treats the tape recorder like a live mic while asking for legal representation, just slew me.

      Never change, Randy. Of course your name is Randy.

    2. lmao. I laughed more at this comment... RANDY. OF COURSE. FRICKY RANDY DOG GONNIT