Friday, September 6, 2013

Red States Are The Real Welfare States

Several days ago we reprinted a piece from, "Irrefutable Proof That The GOP Doesn’t Care About Helping The American People," and today's posting, "Red States Are The Real Welfare States," is a follow-up.

We've seen more than a few maps showing the irony of the Red States' caterwauling about limited government when their social conditions are the worst in the Nation, and the article by Teeluck Sooknarine from accompanying the image below says it all, "Red States Are The Real Welfare States.":

"States receiving the most federal funding per tax dollar paid:
1. New Mexico: $2.632. West Virginia: $2.57
3. Mississippi: $2.47
4. District of Colombia: $2.41
5. Hawaii: $2.38
6. Alabama: $2.03
7. Alaska: $1.93
8. Montana: $1.92
9. South Carolina: $1.92
10. Maine: $1.78
"Contrary to popular belief, those who make the most noise noise complaining about Federal spending and the programs said spending support, are in fact the same people who collect those Federal dollars and who coincidentally don’t want to give up the programs. Their states; the RED ones… receive more per dollar, than they give,as a recent New York Times article documents–even as fiscally conservative lawmakers complain about deficit spending–their constituents don’t want to give up the Social Security checks, Medicare benefits, and earned income tax credits that provide a safety net for the struggling middle class.”
"The secret is not so secret after all, many Red states are really parasites and gold-diggers when it comes to collecting Federal dollars even though they are the most vociferous about government spending. posts some wonderful maps that highlight these bloodsucking states who want you to believe that they are really against expanding the government spending that they crow about. Empty vessels really do make the most noise.

"MotherJones adds…'Of the 22 states that went to McCain in 2008, 86 percent received more federal spending than they paid in taxes in 2010. In contrast, 55 percent of the states that went to Obama received more federal spending than they paid in taxes. Republican states, on average, received $1.46 in federal spending for every tax dollar paid; Democratic states, on average, received $1.16.'

"Candidate Ron Paul has said that he is happy to see natural disaster victims go without federal help, as was done in his days 100 years ago; (when he was alive, this author believes he is in fact a zombie, thereby void of human feelings) something that many conservatives echo…until they are the victims of a Tornado, flood, or hurricane and consequently become the unwilling, kicking and screaming (wink wink) recipients of FEMA assistance.

"It is also not a secret that when Republicans are in office; Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush jr…they spend the most and run up the most debt, blowing cash like drunken sailors, sabotaging America’s economy, knowing that when the Democrats hold office, the cry from the Republicans would change to be a deafening one to reduce federal spending. They are nothing but hypocrites and downright liars.

"Conservatives have been well known for voting against their own interest and unknown to them, if they are successful in voting-in their conservative political figures, the first programs to be cut or whittled down are the same ones that these conservative states depend on to feed their citizenry. Apparently conservative voters have not yet connected the dots to figure out that Democratic states who are paying more and getting back less are in fact the ones responsible for supporting the real welfare states…the Red states.

"In other words the Republican and Conservative citizenry owe their very existence to the Democrats they pretend to hate so much… the Democrats who put food on their Conservative tables and who keep the roof over their Republican heads.

"This reminds me of the old saying, 'Be careful what you wish for' and I for one would have loved my hard earned taxes to go to some more deserving Blue states. But the good book says we should be charitably to the least of us and their actions do show they are the least of us, especially when it comes to their willingness to hate others in one way or another–for one religious reason or another–and their gullibility and nearsightedness while listening to and believing the lies of their Republican politicians, who tout that a fictitious 'freedom' is worth depriving women, immigrants and the downtrodden of the dignity and respect they deserve."

And to complement that essay,'s article by Brian Beutler, "GOP's Heartless New Scheme To Prevent Uninsured From Getting Care," fills in part of the picture:

"Salon analysis shows GOP is targeting states with most uninsured, and bogging down their Obamacare implementation.

Fred Upton, Henry Waxman (Credit: AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta/Susan Walsh)

"For the most part, Republican state elected officials have undertaken the most direct efforts to stand between uninsured people and Obamacare — refusing to launch their own exchanges and expand Medicaid — while Republicans in federal office fight a more symbolic fight.

"But now a group of House Republicans has crossed that line — by attempting to bog down Obamacare enrollment specialists in states with the highest uninsured populations, according to a new Salon analysis.

"Last week, as several other outlets reported, Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent letters to state agencies and nonprofit groups that received Obamacare 'navigator' grants — organizations that will help educate people about the law and facilitate their enrollment — seeking an incredibly broad and difficult-to-compile range of information.

"The effort’s pretty clearly intended to bog down the navigators ahead of enrollment, which could easily reduce the number of people who end up insured under the law. Republicans claim that the inquiry is intended to protect beneficiaries’ private information.

"But if the goal were to establish best practices for the navigators, they have a strange way of going about it. All of the navigator grant recipients are based in states with federally facilitated exchanges and states partnering with the feds to stand up their marketplaces. Salon’s analysis reveals that among these states, Republicans directed their inquiries to organizations in states with the largest uninsured populations.

"Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., the Energy and Commerce Committee’s ranking member, posted a full list of the recipients on his website.

"These organizations are based in the following states, in alphabetical order: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.

"Of all the states that aren’t setting up their own exchanges, these 11 states are among the 15 with the highest uninsured populations, according to census data compiled by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

"Those 15, in order, are Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, Arizona, Virginia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri and Indiana.

"All of these states, with the exceptions of Michigan, Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee, are home to organizations Republicans targeted. Michigan is home to Rep. Fred Upton — the committee chairman.

"Now, Republicans could easily respond that they targeted organizations in these states because they wanted to protect as many uninsured people as they can. But that would be another way of saying they hope their inquiry slows the enrollment process as much as possible. If the goal was to establish best practices for navigators, sending 50 organizations in states with large uninsured populations on the same wild goose chase is an odd way to go about it.

"A committee spokesman didn’t respond to an inquiry about the targeting methodology.

"'The timing of these letters is particularly suspect,' Waxman wrote in a letter to Upton protesting the investigation. 'You are insisting on voluminous document productions by September 13, just when these groups need to be focused on their mission of helping uninsured Americans enroll for coverage. Indeed, it appears that these requests may have been sent solely to divert the resources of small, local community groups, just as they are needed to help with the new health care law.'

"Timing is suspect. But so is location. Republicans seem unconcerned with the privacy of uninsured people in states like Wyoming and New Hampshire. Unless protecting uninsured people from slipshod navigators is only worth doing in states with large uninsured populations, it looks like Republicans were mainly interested in creating obstacles for as many uninsured people as possible, and this targeting scheme was meant to maximize bang for their buck."

Randa Morris at helps complete the picture of Conservatism's War On Themselves with her essay, "Conservatives Creating Their Own Reality: Dangerous And Dumb Lawmakers Threaten Women’s Health.":

Women protesting cuts in Texas’ Women’s Health Program in March, 2013. Photo from NPR.

"It seems to me that those opposing sex education — and other measures promoting women’s health — could really have benefited from the experience. Take for example, Texas State Representative Jodie Laubenberg, who in February of this year co-sponsored a bill called the Texas Parental Control Accountability Act. HB 1057 — supposedly written to counter the many 'drug based' sex education programs popping up in Texas schools, and to counter the scheme of Planned Parenthood to recruit students and push their 'abortion based agenda' on them — made it illegal for 'abortion providers or anyone affiliated with them' to provide sex education instruction or materials in Texas Public Schools. So basically, only one point of view is to be taught in Texas, and that point of view is the one held by the extreme right and the 'information control freaks' otherwise known as the Christian Fundamentalists. The bill is obviously designed not to educate students, but to keep students from becoming educated and therefore possibly adopting an opinion contrary to those espoused by the right-wing of Texas.

"Recently, as Texas Republicans worked to ram through religious based policy regarding women’s health and reproductive choices, Laubenberg made this statement on the House Floor 'In the emergency room they have what’s called rape kits where a woman can get cleaned out.'
"While I find it highly unlikely that any readers on this article don’t understand what is wrong with that statement, I will, for the sake of anyone who has never watched an episode of Law and Order or CSI or had a non-religious based sex education course, link to this useful website, which is operated by RAINN (the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization). No, a rape kit it is not a 'clean you out kit', it is an evidence collection kit, designed to help law enforcement agencies find and convict a perpetrator of sexual assault.

"The fact that Laubenberg herself, one of the co-sponsors of Texas anti-sex education legislation, is so uninformed about the issues she legislates, tells us that if anyone needs fact based sex education it’s her. But instead of researching the issues or becoming informed before she casts a vote that will effect thousands of women in her state, she chooses to remain entirely ignorant, and worse, to spread this kind of horrible misinformation to others, while acting as a duly elected representative of the public.

"It’s not just this one conservative representative, either. If it were, maybe we could overlook it, as an isolated incident. Unfortunately, however, it’s the majority of Republicans that are rampantly spreading ignorance like the black plague, across the entire country. It’s the Todd Akins, professing that 'Women’s bodies have ways of shutting that whole thing down' when discussing how rape victim’s apparently can’t become pregnant. Instead of citing fact based research or even national statistics (which show that there are more than 32,000 pregnancy per year that are the result of rape) he chose to cite a discredited theory that was first developed in the death camps of Nazi Germany, in which prisoners who were starved and tortured, were also raped as an 'experiment' meant to determine the rate of pregnancy that would result. And where does Todd Akin stand on sex education? While abstinence only policies are par for the course in Missouri, the state that gave us Todd Akn, his own views go even further into the extreme. In a November 6th, 2012 open debate against opponent Claire McCaskill, Akin stated that he would support ending the US Department of Education altogether, due to his beliefs that education of children is best left to parents.

"It’s a whole realm of conservatives who’ve made headlines recently, including Texas Representative Michael Burgess, who told a stunned congress that fetuses as young as 15 weeks have been seen 'touching themselves'. While Burgess gave no reference for this absurd statement, some have supposed that his comments may have been based on a 1996 letter written by two doctors who claimed to have observed a female fetus of 32 weeks masturbating in the womb. The two letter writers also offered no further evidence to support their claim, beyond their own pronouncement that they had 'witnessed' this unprecedented event. In reality, these remarks portray not just a lack of Scientific understanding, but they also demonstrate a pretty serious lack of experience in, or exposure to, newborn infants, who are a long ways off from mastering any skill like masturbation, or from reaching for/touching anything in a deliberate manner. Even a fully developed newborn cannot scratch an itch, let alone self gratify in the way that Burgess and the unnamed letter writers assert. On the other hand, the facts tell us that a fetus of 15 weeks is about 4 inches long and weighs about 2 ½ ounces. If you’ve seen a 15 week ultrasound picture, you probably already realize that in general it’s very difficult to make out anything you’re looking at. The Republican Party of Texas (to which Burgess belongs) officially opposes any form of sex education other than abstinence. They also state that a fetus has the 'right to life under the US Constitution' and yet they vehemently oppose ratification of the United Nations Convention on the 'Rights of the Child'. It’s probably all related to the fact that they also oppose the teaching of critical thinking skills, as well.

"Whether they are talking about rape, sex, pregnancy, sex education or any related topic, the Republican Party has repeatedly shown their ignorance and therefore, their desperate need for some kind of fact based education about reproductive health. Whether passing laws that force doctors to make statements that are blatantly untrue, or those that allow doctors to forcibly violate a woman’s body via the use of vaginal probes, we can clearly see the damage done when uneducated and uninformed lawmakers gain power to legislate via extreme religious beliefs that have grown into a cultist obsession, and clearly lost all grasp of reality."


We've laughed many times here at the stupidity of the Conservative Sheeplets, but the sober truth is that the radicalization of the GOP has led to the Conservatives inflicting misery, illness, and death among their own people - and in this case, we certainly mean "their own people," as the Red States seem to be targeted by the Conservative leaders for the New American Feudal Empire.  New Orleans was their first petri dish in their Grand Experiment, and the recent attacks on the citizens of North Carolina by their Conservative politicians offer yet another glimpse into the Conservative dream of rule by the Elites.

If anyone should be agitating for the criminlization of Conservatism, it should be those living and suffering in the Red States.

We should probably file today's post under "Conservatives_are_stupid" (, and tomorrow we'll attempt to explain how the Conservative leadership and propagandists hypnotize their Sheeplets into working against their own best interests, like "... parasites and gold-diggers when it comes to collecting Federal dollars even though they are the most vociferous about government spending," by analyzing their obsession with "Obamacare."


"...I wanted to see the weak protected against the strong, and stupidity is a form
of weakness."

Walsh, *Thrones, Dominations,* p. 271



  1. This exposé of the path dirty conservatives use to subvert the good works of the progressives is very astute and praiseworthy. Thank you. I especially liked the quote from Thomas Jefferson: "Experience declares that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich upon the poor."

  2. Another book about how the conservatives make war on progressives is A NATION GONE BLIND, by Eric Larsen Two years have passed since Eric Larsen’s A Nation Gone Blind was published -- two long years during which time I, and doubtless many others, would have been less pained had I, we, known that another soul had penned these words of truth, nowadays so seldom heard. For it is truth which is central to Larsen’s book, his solitary search for it, and his well-wrought conclusion that the public at large and even our so-called intellectual classes -- including writers, editors and academics (in the humanities no less) -- are no longer able to think well due to a preponderance of feeling and zeal which has largely crowded out clear reasoning based on empirical evidence and logic.

    Al Gore said as much, a year later, in The Assault on Reason. Like Larsen, Gore points out that the foot soldiers and carpet bombers of this assault are the mass media, especially the television broadcasters who have brought us -- in their quest for maximized profits -- not to our knees but onto our derrieres. In Gore’s words, “The Republic of Letters has been invaded and occupied by the empire of television,” which he goes on to report Americans watch “an average of four hours and thirty-five minutes every day,” or “almost three-quarters of all the discretionary time that the average American has.”

    Yet ever the scripted statesman and corporate board member, Gore perpetuates in his treatise the platitudes which are, themselves, indicative of what Larsen refers to as the Age of Simplification:

    "It is too easy -- and too partisan -- to simply place the blame on the policies of President George W. Bush. We are all responsible for the decisions our country makes. We have a Congress. We have an independent judiciary. We have checks and balances. We are a nation of laws. We have free speech. We have a free press. Have they all failed us?"