Friday, August 9, 2013

Will The Stupid Conservative Signs Never End?

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For those keeping track of the Stupid Conservative Signs we've posted, "Stupid Conservative Signs" (, "More Stupid Conservative Signs" (, "Positively The Last Time We Show Stupid Conservative Signs..." (, "Ohmigod, Even MORE Stupid Conservative Signs" (, "Stupid Conservative Signs, Finale" (, and "Positively the LAST Stupid Conservative Signs" (

So of course, there's more.  Even when we thought the Sheeplets had exhausted their misspellings, grammatical crimes, and overall stupidity, we've come up with even more Stupid Conservative Signs while idly looking at various pages in the last few months.

At this rate, we'll be publishing a book within a year.

So here they are:

A Men's Sty seems more appropriate.

...and kicked that guy Rayon out of office.
Think.  Please think about it.
My God, where do we begin...
There's that pesky "I before E thingamajig...
Hook?  Kook?  Xoox?  What is she saying?
Three out of five, batting .600!
I think we'll just stay on this side of the street.
Words fail us...
And we hate those glaring examples - they're glaring!
Grandma, put the sign down!  Put it down!
Cute little Caucasion, ain't he?
And your sign explains everything about you, buddy.

Thirteen Stupid Conservative Signs, and so many more stupid Conservative Sheeplets.  How can we send them to classes on Critical Thinking before they pass Remedial Spelling?  It's a problem.


"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves. "

Abraham Lincoln


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