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How To Take Over A Political Precinct

A Google search for "take over precinct OR precinct politics" will bring up sites on the first page overwhelmingly aimed at would-be Conservative power brokers, and it isn't hard to see how the GOP, Tea Partiers, Christian activists, and Libertarians have grabbed control of so many Congressional and local legislative seats when the demographics have appeared to be against them. (

This writer has some familiarity with taking over party precinct politics, and even his father was involved in taking over a precinct, coordinating with other Democrats to take power from a deeply entrenched group of Conservative Democrats who had been in power for over 50 years.

But first, what is a "precinct?" From Wikipedia:

"A precinct is generally the lowest-level governmentally-related division in the United States, and in that context is also known in some places as an election district. Precincts usually do not have separate governmental authorities, but in some states, including Ohio, the voters within a precinct may by initiative or referendum vote on liquor control laws that will be applicable only within that specific precinct (called 'local option elections'). For purposes of conducting elections, an entity such as a county or township is typically subdivided into precincts and each address is assigned to a specific precinct. Each precinct has a specific location where its residents go to vote. Sometimes several precincts will use the same polling station. A 2004 survey by the United States Election Assistance Commission reported an average precinct size in the United States of approximately 1,100 registered voters. Kansas had the smallest average precinct size with 437 voters per precinct, while the District of Columbia had the largest average size at 2,704 voters per precinct.[1]

"Individuals, known by various titles such as precinct committeeman, precinct captain, or Precinct Committee Officer, are elected by ballot or county party executive committee, to represent precinct residents in every level of party operations. They represent how the voters in a precinct feel about candidates and issues, and encourage people to vote. In theory, a precinct would have at least two such individuals (one for the Republican Party and another for the Democratic Party), though in areas where one party is dominant only that party may have such an individual.

"The Canadian equivalent of a precinct is known as a Poll."

And just like your 4H Club, precincts have elections, elections to choose officers.  From one site:

"There are infinite levels of activity in politics but among them, the role of the Precinct Chairman stands out in importance. It is the basic level of elected office within a political party and influences every other decision that is made. Party Platform resolutions begin in the precinct. State Convention delegates are appointing by the Precinct Chairmen. Local GOTV (Get Out The Vote - Joyce, Jnr.) operations revolve around the activity and ability of the Precinct Chairman.

"If you want to have an impact in politics, I would submit to you that becoming a Precinct Chairman is the first step you should take. The office is usually quite easy to secure, the time investment is flexible and your impact on local and state politics can be as small or significant as you choose.

An example from a GOP site, referencing a Libertarian site:

"How to Take Over the GOP Establishment- Precinct Chair: The Most Important Position
« on: September 06, 2012, 12:53:45 PM »

"This is from a Ron Paul website but it has a lot of information we can learn from. (forgive the Paul links)

"The Precinct Conventions that elect the Precinct Chairs are one of the power centers of society. Information about precincts is scarce (perhaps because it is so powerful), that's why I made this post to gather the useful information.

"A county is divided into precincts. A precinct is an area that contains a maximum of 2,999 voters, usually with about 1000 voters within an area of several streets. The precincts are called the grassroots of the political parties. Each political party in each precinct is represented by a Precinct Chair (or Chairman/Leader/Executive/Delegate/Officer/etc, the position seems to be called by many names). The Precinct Chairs within a county make up a party Central Committee. Through the Central Committee's powers the Precinct Chairs together are extremely influential in the county, state, and the national party. Political parties are set up like a corporation in each state.

"An explanation about why the Precinct Chair/Executive is so powerful, a "power center of society":

"A 10-minute lesson in taking back the Precinct Chair/Executive offices:

"See page 8 for a chart of the powers of the Precinct Chairs and Central Committee, some info page 7 onwards:

"The strategy for taking back the Precinct Chairs and Central Committee power center of society:

"An example for us:

"The Precinct Conventions (or caucuses, etc) held on even numbered years (2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012) are where the Precinct Chairs and other Party office holders and in some cases delegates are elected by voters. In some states the Precinct Conventions are where delegates to the County, State, and National Party Conventions get their start. The delegates that make it to the National Convention are who choose the party's presidential candidate.

"If we want to elect liberty people then we need to vote for liberty supporters as delegates (directly or indirectly through candidate slates) and Precinct Chairs in the Precinct Conventions, the County Conventions, and the State Conventions to get them to the National Convention where they can vote for liberty. The result is also our taking back the political party.

"Each political party only accounts for 50% of the political power in America though, and the other party accounts for the other 50%. With only 50% of the political power we are still susceptible to the control of the other 50%, so we have to take back both major parties to regain actual control of the country. The parties in power are who control the election systems, third parties don't have any power and so they cannot control the election systems to ensure fairness, so they can't get elected. Like Ron Paul said, the system in this country is biased against democracy. Ideally our goal is to have almost all candidates in all parties running for all offices to be working towards our goals, just like the opposite of the 2008 presidential elections. The goals of the parties have already been so twisted around that the distinction between parties is essentially meaningless.

"Other power centers of society are the economic systems, mainstream media, widely believed misconceptions, and the schooling system. Educating people about the truth and discrediting the mainstream media, and helping others free themselves from the controlled economic systems should also be our goals as Precinct Chairs and community leaders.

YouTube - John Taylor Gatto - 01 The Elite Private Boarding Schools
YouTube - John Taylor Gatto - On education
History of the Purposeful Degradation of Schools in the U.S
Brian Springer - Spin
Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the CFR
Money As Debt
The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control of America
YouTube - The Council on Foreign Relations and the 2008 Election

"So your immediate goals should be:

"1. Get as many precincts with liberty Republican Precinct Chairs and liberty Delegates as possible. (Become a liberty Precinct Captain, find out more about your Precinct Conventions and how to become a Precinct Chair, canvass your precinct, organize with other Precinct Captains, find other people to be Precinct Chairs or liberty Delegates in other precincts, educate people on the Precinct Chair office and Central Committee, take back the Republican Central Committees)

"2. Get as many liberty voters as possible. (print media ads, canvassing, get physical information into people's hands such as fliers/newspaper ads)

"3. Get the liberty voters to the polls and Precinct Conventions. (phone calls, cars, buses, whatever it takes)

"4. Get as many precincts with Democrat freedom movement Precinct Chairs as possible. Take back the Democrat Central Committees.

"5. Take control of the Party Central Committees and elect liberty Delegates, endorse freedom movement people for local offices, and ensure fair elections.

"Much of the information is thanks to this wonderful site:

"Some info about precincts:

"Some info about party levels:

"Info about the Party structure and Precinct Conventions:

"How to handle the Precinct Conventions and delegates:

"Info about Precinct and County Chair positions:

"Strategy of the Revolution, recruiting and spreading from precinct to county control:

"Previous party take overs:

"Study the strategy of the Art of War:

"Info about county government. The Central Committees of the Parties helps elect county officials that control vast amounts of power over your life:

"Major party Executive Committees may be able to use the endorsement power for third party candidates:

"Control of the precincts and county parties with secret funding from bankers is what "Col." Edward Mandel House wrote about in his book of fiction "Philip Dru: Administrator" published in 1911. In 1912 House helped Woodrow Wilson get elected.

"There are about 3,140 counties in the US, an average of 62 per state. There are an average of 12 precincts per county. So there are about 37,200 precincts in the US per political party. So it would seem that both major parties, and thus virtually the entire government apparatus of the US, are controlled by only about 74,400 people. Add some friends for each precinct and about 223,200 people could take complete control if they were well organized. And it could only take a majority of that number, since it seems only 51% are needed to control in the democratic elections of the precinct-county level. It may be that many positions are empty, and could be taken with just one vote."

As we see, there are dozens of sites that can show you how to Do It Yourself, even a video from a mainstream Baptist preacher, "How To Take Over Your Local Precinct" here -->

One of the Republican sites devoted to taking over precincts ( understood the Obama game plan that brought down Hillary Clinton through precinct takeovers, and it's motivational as well as instructional:

"A Few Hours A Month Is All It Takes — And It’s Easy.

"Can you carve into your schedule a couple of hours a month to spend on a weeknight and, perhaps, on a Saturday, to take our country back? Is your liberty, and your children’s, not worth at least that?

"Don’t Have A Few Hours A Month? Stop Reading.

"Where do the candidates on our primary ballots come from? An estimated 95 per cent of the candidates of the Republican and Democrat parties who win the primary election are those who are endorsed by the leadership of those parties.

"Do You Know Who Elects The Party Leaders? Did You Elect Them?

"Who elects the leadership of the parties? Do you know? Are you a registered Republican? Guess what? As a 'mere' registered Republican voter, without more, you did not have a vote in the election of the present leadership of the Republican Party. Sorry, but those are the facts.

"Only elected precinct committeemen get to vote for the leadership of the Party. Do I yet have your attention? Ponder the fact that only elected precinct committeemen get to elect the Party leadership. Don’t you want to have a vote in those elections? Getting into position to have that right is easy.

"About 3,141 counties exist in the United States. Almost all have a county party organization. And, those county organizations almost always endorse candidates in the party primaries. And, usually, those party-endorsed candidates win. Tired of the kind of Republican In Name Only Republicans who are winning the primaries? Then do something real and become a Republican Party precinct committeeman! Guess what? About half of the Republican Party precinct committeeman slots, nationwide, are unfilled! There’s about 400,000 slots nationwide and about 200,000 of those slots are vacant. If conservatives filled up all the empty slots they OWN the Party. Precinct Committeemen are the Party.

"Do I yet have your attention? Has the light bulb above your head clicked on yet? In some counties, like the one where I reside, Maricopa County, Arizona, within which Phoenix sits, TWO-THIRDS of the precinct committeeman slots in the Republican Party sat unfilled on Election Day, 2008. [Well, it's now November, 2012, and we're now at 52 per cent strength instead of where we were back in 2008 at 31 per cent.]

"Spend a few moments and picture this in your mind’s eye: thousands of conservatives flock into the Republican Party and join it as precinct committeemen. And, in the next internal party elections, these conservatives (you, me and others) elect new, conservative leadership. (Or, instead, these same conservatives (me, excepted) sit behind their computer screens and put first on their priority list, instead of second, writing that next, great blog post that is going to, somehow, save the republic.)

"Exit your mind’s eye. Back to reality. The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy works! I have seen it work first hand. Click on the Nevada and Utah links here for more proof. I was, just by chance, part of achieving this kind of outcome in my legislative district in the 2008 internal party elections. Somewhat by design, somewhat by chance (I was one of those “newbies” who just, by chance, came into the Party PC ranks), conservatives, in my legislative district, defeated the old-guard, moderate Republican candidates by electing conservatives to the leadership positions. [This happened again in 2010 when we had even more conservatives in the PC ranks.] Same thing happened at the county and state levels. (Don’t know what a legislative district is? Hang in there – an explanation follows.) But the margins were razor-thin. And since then, we just elected 5 conservatives to the county Executive Guidance Council’s five “at large” positions. With all the new conservative precinct committeemen we recruited, those 5 won over 80 per cent of the vote on the first ballot. One long-time John McCain moderate got less than six per cent of the vote. The conservatives won because about a thousand conservatives left their keyboards for a couple of hours each month and got into the REAL political ball game. So, I and others continue to try to recruit more conservatives into the precinct committeeman ranks.We try to get people off the sidelines and into the actual, real ball game. Into the rough-and-tumble hard work of actually showing up – God forbid – at a Republican Party legislative district meeting once a month. Instead of typing away to the conservative choir on the internet. Egads! Oh, the misery!

An early precinct election.

"Every state is divided up into legislative districts from which your state assembly and senate candidates are elected. Each legislative district is divided up into precincts. Precincts generally, in a city, are about the size of five or ten city blocks, depending upon the population density of the city. (My precinct, in suburban Tempe, Arizona, is about a half mile on each side.) Each precinct is allowed a number of precinct committeemen. For example, in Arizona, each party is allowed one precinct committeeman, plus an additional one for each 125 registered voters of that party as of March 1 of the general election year. (My precinct is allowed to have 12 precinct committeemen, and all twelve slots are filled by conservatives.) Arizona has about 2,000 precincts, with 724 in Maricopa County. We now have about 3,326 precinct committeeman with 52% of the slots filled.

"So, What Does One Have To Do To Become A Precinct Committeeman?

"The requirements vary from state to state, but Arizona is typical. One has to get 10 registered Republican or independent voters from their precinct to sign a nomination form requesting that their name be placed on the primary ballot. (In Ohio, for example, one needs only 5 signatures.) Most precinct committeemen run unopposed. I was able to get my ten signatures in fewer than 45 minutes on a Saturday. As suggested by the existing PCs, I got five extra signatures just to be safe (people move!). Before gathering your signatures, the Party will give you a computer print out “walking sheet” showing where all the voters in your precinct live. And how often they voted in the last four elections. You go to the homes of those voters who ALWAYS vote. They will be happy to sign your nomination papers. It’s fun. In 2008, I took my impressionable then-eight year-old boys along. A great, real-life civics lesson.

"Because most precinct committeemen run unopposed, most counties, to save money, get the parties to agree that all non-contested precinct committeeman candidates be omitted from the ballot to save printing costs. That’s one reason why most voters don’t know about the office of precinct committeeman. Another reason: public schools no longer teach Civics.

"So, what to do? About 200,000 precinct committeemen slots nationwide in the Republican Party are vacant. Hmmm. The NRA has about 4 million members. Think we could get some of them to become Republican Party precinct committeemen? Or Federalist Society members? Tea Partiers? SmartGirlPolitics-ers? 9.12-ers? SarahPAC members? Or other Constitution-loving folks?"

The first step is to "Contact your county chair and your county secretary and ask them when and where your monthly party meetings are held. Attend those meetings (," and "Go to the meetings. Get to know the people. Do not shoot off your mouth about what's wrong with the way things are done, because early criticism will just make them reject you as an outsider. Volunteer for the menial jobs. Do the work. Observe ("

From here it's a matter of recruiting troops (an easy task for students with other students looking for something fun to do, politically frustrated seniors at retirement centers, and clubs of every description.), and organizing your take-over.  The best site I've found so far to give you a step-by-step strategy is from Wikihow (, and here is a short example:

"Some States Use a Precinct Meeting for Each Party to Elect the Official

"1. Attend a meeting (called a Caucus) for electing the "precinct executive." On the appointed night, everyone interested in your precinct goes to an appointed address for their party, which may be at a home, school, or recreation center, etc.

"2. Or, in some states, wait outside the polling place room: then you can attend a meeting immediately at closing of the polls at the primary polling place in a different room as a meeting to elect the new precinct captain, the delegate, and also pass their own original party platform proposition(s) from your precinct (It is similar to a caucus meeting.).

"3. Elect the precinct executive. That may be by a show of hands, or by paper ballot, everyone present from that precinct elects someone to be the precinct captain for that precinct for the next two years."

Every office holder in the country started out in precinct politics, and anyone can participate.  The takeover of the country by the Conservatives has happened because they are better organized, not because they are better financed - even their churches understand how to get power through the precincts.

An anecdote from the takeover described earlier, where the author's father was involved in a precinct coup de etat, will help describe one of the many tactics at our disposal:  A tall blond, blue-eyed activist, "Mr. Green," was recruited to take part in the precinct meetings that had been run by the power elites for decades, and was judged to be the Nordic type that would be attractive by the entrenched WASP power brokers.  Mr. Green was Jewish.

By the time the elections for precinct officers was held, Mr. Green was seen as "one of the boys," and when the slate of candidates was nominated by one of the precinct shills, Mr. Green raised his hand for another nomination and was cheerfully recognized.

He then asked for another full slate of nominees representing the upstarts that consisted of my father and other individuals, who then came pouring through the doors.

My dad seconded the nomination, and when the vote was taken, the dust was settled, and the power structure was dismantled forever.

This happened with precincts all over the State, and the Establishment was no more.

Taking over the reins of power like this is only one of the methods by which Conservatism can be defeated and finally made into a capital crime.  But it can be done!


"Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that
makes what we read ours."

John Locke


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