Friday, July 26, 2013

Even More News About Conservative Criminality

After our series on "How To Take Over A Precinct" and "How To Organize Boycotts, Protests, And Demonstrations," we posted 10 stories and opeds around the 'Net to support our theses that Conservatism is a vast right-wing criminal enterprise that exists primarily to advance the causes of the greediest and wealthiest among us; that all other issues like States Rights and Abortion are merely smoke screens designed to lure the most rabid, stupid, and uneducated to their side during elections.

Today, we continue with 10 more pieces supporting that thesis:

1.  So you think it's all a coincidence, and a few bad apples spoil the Conservative barrel? From Rackjitecom, a blast from the past:  

"The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy." “For anybody willing to find it - and write about it, and explain it - is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for President. A few journalists have kind of caught on to it and explained it, but it has not yet been fully revealed to the American public.” Hillary Clinton Jan 27, 1998, Today Show

2.  And all those good people "protecting our borders," Mexican border, that is.  From

"Minutemen-- Liars, Rapists, Murderers, Nazis... And, Of Course, Republicans." (

3. " Republicans just passed a farm bill. It lards out $195 billion in subsidies for agribusiness. At the same time, they chose to drop food stamps — the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — from the bill for the first time in 40 years. In this time of mass unemployment, 47 million Americans rely on food stamps. Nearly one-half are children under 18; nearly 10 percent are impoverished seniors. The recipients are largely white, female and young. The Republican caucus has decided to drop them from the bill as “extraneous,” without having separate legislation to sustain them. Who would want to advertise these cruel values?"  An oped from Katrina Van Heuvel at the Washington Post:

"The Appalling GOP." (

4.  The billionaire Koch Family and its neo-Nazi, John Birch Society roots is briefly covered by a son of one of the founding members.

"Fred Koch, one of the original Birch founding members and a National Council member with my father, invested a small fortune on his pet projects, including the so-called right-to-work laws, designed to hamper union organizing.

"His sons, David and Charles Koch, inherited their father’s multi-millions, turned them into multi-billions, and invested in their political creations: the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, and others. Those organizations incorporated most John Birch Society ideas and effectively increased both their reach and their impact on American politics."  From the

"Sworn on the Bible...Declared to be the Will of the Founders...and Wrapped in the Flag." (

5.  The War On Senior Citizens remains unabated as the Conservatives find another batch of retirees' pensions to obliterate, but only 20,000 this time.  Again from the Washington Post:

"After Detroit bankruptcy filing, city retirees on edge as they face pension cuts." (

6.  "Look for election fraud and voter suppression to be an overriding theme in this year’s Presidential election, even if it’s underreported in the mainstream media. Nearly six months before the election, we are already seeing local and statewide efforts to purge the voter rolls of Democratic voters." The demographics are against them, so they'll start fixing the elections - again, and again, and again.  From

"When You Can’t Win – Cheat: Election Fraud From Coast To Coast." (

7.  "Worrying about the future is the hardest part, because at $7.25, I don't have a future," wrote Stephanie Sanders, a McDonald's worker, in an essay for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Like many fast food workers, Sanders is an adult who never thought she would end up in the food service industry. While the unemployment rate in America has remained largely steady in 2013, the underemployment rate has soared, and Sanders, a former saleswoman, has found herself trapped. Her temporary job has become a permanent sentence."  McDonald workers represent the residents of their Eden, slaves to the rich and powerful.  From

"The American dream: Survival is not an aspiration.  Equal opportunity and upward mobility is a long-lost American Dream."  (

8.  Lest you think the Conservatives' strategy isn't working, and that Jim Crow is "fixed," read this piece at

"Let's End James Crow, Esq." (

9.  “'Where you grow up matters,' said Nathaniel Hendren, a Harvard economist... 'There is tremendous variation across the U.S. in the extent to which kids can rise out of poverty.'" Again, from

"The Deep South -- Where the American Dream Goes to Die.  Conservative policies are quite literally killing the American Dream." (

10. And yet another reminder that Conservative criminality - once again in the form of treason -  is an integral part of Conservatism.  "In the dusty files of Lyndon Johnson’s presidential library in Austin, Texas, once secret documents and audiotapes tell a dark and tragic story of how Richard Nixon’s team secured the White House in 1968 by sabotaging peace talks that might have ended the Vietnam War four years earlier, Robert Parry reports."  From the

"LBJ’s 'X' File on Nixon’s 'Treason.' (

The stories and opinions stand on their own, and assaults on math and reason by the Conservative leadership's tool, the Sheeplets, are the only way these stories can be rebutted, as we see in our Page, "Conservative Rhetoric," at

In the future, when you read any news story or oped of a poltical nature coming from the Conservatives, just remember:  The basis of the Conservative/GOP philosophy is the relentless pursuit of money and power by the greediest and wealthiest among us, and everything else is smoke and mirrors to hypnotize their Sheeplets as well as the uninformed voters.  Once you realize this, interpreting the underlying truth of each story is a piece of cake and will make you one of the most astute critics of current events in your neighborhood.


"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."

Robert Frost (American poet highly regarded for his realistic depictions of rural
life and his command of American colloquial speech. 1874 – 1963)


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