Friday, May 17, 2013

More Stupid Conservative Signs

Our old pal, Mr. Moran...

We published a bunch of signs just a month ago from Conservative Sheeplets in a post called "Stupid Conservative Signs," signs at their silly demonstrations fraught with misspellings and grammatical errors (  While someone new to our country may find it difficult to understand how our word order is structured and how spelling is derived from the motley of mother tongues that English is derived from, it is apparently more difficult for Conservative Sheeplets than foreigners to our shores.

Whether or not Conservatives are more stupid than other people (, we thought that the twenty-eight (28!) photos we posted were about all that we could find on the 'net.

Big mistake.

While we mulled over the question: Is Conservative stupidity caused by genetics, or is it the result of poor potty training...or is it both, we found thirty-two more.  So for your education and entertainment...we present "More Stupid Conservative Signs."

Teaching Our Children Gud English

For people so concerned with marriage, they shore don't know how to spell it.
They're math skills aren't too good either.

We know you don't like her, but at least get the name right.
Aw, c'mon -- it doesn't even *sound* like "sanctity."

Repeat after us: "I" before "E," except after "C..."
We have a two-fer Tea Bagger here...

There's that tricky word "your," again...must be French.

Kill it yourself, it's my not problem.

All that lunchtime traffick has me prostitated.

*He's* slow?  And what does your mayor have to do with anything?

No, we're not.  We're Republicanes.

With all that there inflation, our currancy ain't worth a plugged nickel!
Okay, once again: "I" before "E..."

No, your can't.

Holding the tree up for the Resisance...

Is anyone else around here getting a headache besides me?

In this poor guy's case, it must have been bad toilet training.

And their kids are so PROUD of them!

Just *one more* apostrophe and we'll have this thing licked!

Maybe not the raciest, but maybe the dumbest Independant we ever laid eyes on.

Well, how would *you* pronounce Kenia?

Say what?!

Then how about a cup of coffee while you're resting your brain.

I have no idea either...

And Congress appreciates it more than you'll ever know.
I sure are!
Plummers are against new tax's too...don't forget the plummers!
I'd wear the shades too...
NO excetions, not even for Mayor Stranczek...if that's his real name! 

Posting signs like these presents a problem - after awhile, you wonder if they're spelling everything right and we're wrong.  We suspect that we could dig up about 30-40 more photos with ease, and although we have promised not to punish the poor Sheeplets when Conservatism is finally criminalized, remedial English is a must!


“It's a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart.”

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) – Ulysses Everett McGill


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