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Conservatives Who Politicize The Boston Bombings Make Me Sick

We've pointed out the stupidity and Authoritarian identifying marks of the typical Conservative Sheeplet and the viciousness of all of the Conservative leaders, but the Conservative propagandists, leaders, and Sheeplets began to politicize the Boston bombings for their own disgusting self-aggrandizement before the first bomber was even killed.

First:  In his post, "Boston And The Right-Wing Media's Collapse," by Eric Boehlert at, we see how the sickening politicizing started

"Prefacing his comments by insisting he knows 'how foreign affairs work,' Glenn Beck on April 18 announced that his website, The Blaze, was breaking news about the Boston Marathon bombing: A Saudi national student on a student visa and was 'absolutely involved' in the Patriot's Day blast was being deported by the U.S. government for security reasons.

"Beck went further, claiming the student, or 'dirt bag,' as the host described him, was 'possibly the ringleader' in the bombing that killed three people and injured more than one hundred, and the government was deliberately covering it up.
"Beck urged listeners to spread the breaking news via Twitter and Facebook because, he warned, the mainstream media would ignore the revelation. But the right-wing media would pick up the slack. Fox News' Sean Hannity helped launch the storyon April 17 and continued to fan it yesterday,claiming the student had previously 'been involved with a terrorist or terror activity,' while a swarm of right-wing sites pushed the paranoid tale.

"By making his wild allegations, Beck was asking listeners to ignore the fact that law enforcement officials had previously, and repeatedly, denied earlier right-wing media claims that the Saudi student had been taken into 'custody,' or was in any way responsible for the blast.

"Indeed, officials at Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security both soundly denied the story, explaining that there were two different Saudi nationals: one recovering in a Boston hospital who had witnessed and been injured in the explosions but was not a suspect, and another in ICE custody who was unrelated to the bombing investigation. Beck responded by calling for President Obama to be impeached for what he considered the sprawling government cover-up that now surrounded the student, Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda.

"So yeah, it was that kind of week for the right-wing media. It was a debacle.

"In the same week that Pulitzer prizes were announced honoring the finest in American journalism, many in the far-right media worked to set news standards in mindless, awful behavior in the wake of the Boston attack.

"Faced with covering the most important American terror news story in a decade, too many players opted to just make stuff up. Prompting witch hunts, they cast innocents as would-be killers and then couldn't be bothered with apologies.

"It was a memorable week in which the conservative media's highest profile newspaper, Rupert Murdoch's New York Post, seemed committed to getting as many stories wrong about the Boston attack as possible.

"The hapless Post somehow managed to completely botch the simplest Journalism 101 fact of how many people were killed in the Patriot's Day attack. But hey, according to beleaguered Post editor Col Allan thePost tried its best and that's all that really matters. (It would've taken a 'crystal ball' to get the story right, Allan now complains.) So no, there doesn't appear to be much introspection unfolding inside Murdoch's daily; a big-city tabloid that managed to get wrong, for days, a breaking crime story.

"Yes, CNN this week was forced to concede mistakes when it reported sources had informed the news channel that arrests had been made in the case. But CNN quickly, and publicly, corrected the errors. Those unfortunate miscues happen when reporters let a be-first mindset trump the more important be-right standard. What we saw from portions of the far-right press this week however, was completely different; they almost couldn't have gotten more stories if they had tried.

"Of course Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham used the terror attacks to push her partisan agenda about immigration reform. (This, before she knew anything about the suspects.) Of course chronic Obama critics like Fox News host Oliver North attacked the president for traveling to Boston to attend a prayer service for the terror victims; to try to help comfort the rattled city. And of course Fox News couldn't wait more than five minutes after that prayer service concluded before inviting Stephen Hayes on to criticize Obama for how he'd handled the issue of gun legislation.

"That's what anti-Obama programming looks like and Fox News saw little reason to alter that chronically caustic approach this week.

"What was truly stunning though, as highlighted by irresponsible rants about the Saudi student, was the aggressive push by key conservative media players to simply concoct stories about the breaking news event.

"Back to Beck:
"'I believe this is possibly the ringleader, this guy is absolutely involved, and we are flying this dirt bag out of the country because he has connections and we are covering up.'
"Keep in mind, this was after unethical right-wing bloggers had already harassed the Saudi bombing victim online, publishing his name, home address, and what they claimed were Facebook pictures of the 20-year-old Saudi national student. The same student police had cleared of any implication in the blast. (His only crime this week appeared to be his Saudi origin.)

"And who led the early crusade against the bomb victim? Murdoch's New York Post, which erroneously reported he was a 'suspect' who had been taken 'into custody.'

"The same Post, of course, which then made headlines by irresponsibly splashing on its front page a photo of two local men at the marathon finish line, one a high school runner, and putting them under the headline 'Bag Men,' strongly suggesting they were involved with the terror attack. They were not. But that didn't stop ethically-challenged blogger Jim Hoft from referring to them six times in one report as "suspects" in the deadly blast.

"'Grossly irresponsible' and 'egregious' were some of the descriptions media pro's used to explain the Post'sshocking performance this week. As one journalism professor told Media Matters, 'It does appear that the Post, there is something crazy going on there.'

"Trust me, it's not just the Post."

And trust us, it's not just the loathsome Beck, The NY Post, Fox News, Laura Ingraham, or their sock puppets at the Freepers hang-out, it's the vulgarity of the leadership of the Conservative frontgroup, the GOP, exercising their lung power too, as we see in the article at the Daily Beast, "The Politicization of the Boston Bombings Has Begun," where "The attacks have nothing to do with immigration reform, but partisans are rushing to exploit them anyway. Howard Kurtz examines the false arguments.":

"From the moment the first suspect in the Boston bombing was killed in a shootout, I was counting the minutes until the Beltway types started trying to score political points.
"I didn’t have to wait long.

"The bogus cry of this-raises-serious-concerns was soon heard throughout the land.

"Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley rushed to say that in hearings he wants to examine immigration reform, 'particularly in light of all that is happening in Massachusetts over the last week.'

"Never mind that what happened in Boston has relatively little to do with the issues being debated on the immigration front. Many politicians and pundits do whatever they can to hitch their wagon to any news bulletin might give them a rhetorical edge.

"Sometimes this is legitimate—the Newtown massacre clearly convinced President Obama to mount a passionate push for gun control—and sometimes it’s a stretch.

"If a shoe bomber tries to blow up a plane, we need to debate airline security. If an oil spill erupts in the ocean, we need to check on whether there were adequate federal inspections.

"But as tragic as the Boston Marathon bombing was, it doesn’t lend itself to a huge policy revamp, unless someone wants to ban fertilizer, or stop holding marathons.

"The first thought upon learning that the suspects were the Tsarnaev brothers, and that they had attended school in the United States, is that we’re letting dangerous folks in on student visas. But the family, with ties to the disputed Russian region of Chechnya, is said to have emigrated here in 2002—when one brother would have been about 7 and the other about 14.

"Dzhokhar, the younger brother captured by police, who graduated two years ago from the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, is in fact a naturalized citizen. He isn’t an illegal immigrant or a person who overstayed his visa. His older brother, now dead, had a legal green card.
"Many politicians and pundits do whatever they can to hitch their wagon to any news bulletin might give them a rhetorical edge.
"Would the situation be different if they were from the Middle East? We don’t have to speculate. When the New York Post reported—erroneously—that police had detained a Saudi suspect, Rep. Steve King was quick to react. 'We need to be ever vigilant' about immigration security, the Iowa Republican told National Review. 'If we can’t background-check people that are coming from Saudi Arabia, how do we think we are going to background check the 11 to 20 million people that are here from who knows where?'

"So they weren’t Saudis. But both brothers were Muslims, and that has renewed an ugly debate.

"Chuck Woolery, a game show host and outspoken conservative, tweeted: 'All muslims are not terrorists. Most, if not all terrorists are muslims. Please dispute that.'

(Note the self parody of the quote that we just posted a few days ago by John Stuart Mill, English political philosopher and economist who said in 1866 , "I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative. I believe that is so obviously and universally admitted a principle that I hardly think any gentleman will deny it." Joyce, Jnr.)

"Leaving aside the likes of Timothy McVeigh, on what planet does that not cast a dark shadow over Muslims?

"Let’s be clear: The vast majority of the 11 million immigrants living illegally here are Hispanics; many of them from Mexico. The focus of all the demands for border security and electrified fences is Mexico. A couple of allegedly murderous Chechen brothers doesn’t change that. Such pro-reform Republicans as John McCain, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham have dismissed the attempt to link their effort to the Boston violence as spurious.

"What’s not spurious is to scrutinize the conduct of the FBI. The bureau questioned Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011, at the request of a foreign government to determine whether he had extremist ties. Nothing came of the inquiry. Whether the bureau botched it is a fair question.

"Are there implications for gun control? We don’t know how the brothers obtained their weapons, and whether background checks could have stopped them. So the jury is out on that one.

"But that didn’t stop an Arkansas state rep, Republican Nate Bell, from tweeting: 'I wonder how many Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a hi-capacity magazine?' Classy.

"There’s a legal debate to be had over whether the police were justified in not reading Tsarnaev his Miranda rights under a public safety exception. Most people probably don’t care, but some liberals are up in arms.

"What about the budget cuts forced by the sequester? Well, any crisis legitimately gives proponents a chance to say that smart budget choices beat the meat-ax approach that Washington allowed with this year’s $85 billion in automatic cutbacks. Indiana Sen. Dan Coats told Politico that the bombing 'clearly reinforces the case to make sure all the essential functions of homeland security are fully funded.'

"President Obama is fair game, having made two televised statements about the bombings in the first 48 hours, attended an interfaith service in Boston and appeared before the cameras after the second suspect was nabbed late Friday night. But even Mitt Romney praised the president’s speech in Boston, and what could the administration have done to prevent what happened at a marathon in which local police were in charge?

"The carnage in downtown Boston was a shock to us all. Too bad some pols and pundits are already attempting to exploit it."

People visit a make-shift memorial on Boylston Street on April 20, 2013, near the scene of Boston Marathon explosions as people get back to the normal life the morning after after the capture of the second of two suspects wanted in the Boston Marathon bombings. (Timoth A. Clary/AFP/Getty)

So the rottenness permeates the entire Conservative world, a loathsome and sleazy attitude that permeates  almost all of the Conservative polity, a noxious state of thinking that repels any decent person, and disgusts anyone with a scintilla of empathy and compassion in their fingertips for the suffering of others.


"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of.
  You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life."

Albert Camus (French Nobel Prize winning author, journalist, and philosopher.



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