Friday, November 30, 2012

Preview: The "New" Republican Party

Every GOP political consultant and many GOP pols have laid the blame of their recent losses on the Conservative media! They decry the whackos, and have started an internal war between the Party and the propaganda arms of the Party...the propagandists had educated the Conservative sheeplets and ecumenicals too well, and the rest of the nation was disgusted.

2012 may be the highwater mark of the Conservatives' bragging about their true beliefs - a strategy unused by the Conservatives since their huge loss in 1800 when they campaigned and marketed their belief that the wealthy should rule.

Mitt Romney, the Conservatives' penultimate Presidential Nominee, was the ultimate absurdity of the Monopoly Man. And his, and his Party's, campaign strategies that alienated women, Latinos and other minorities, and inadvertently, 47% of the voting populace, were as shortsighted as the underlying beliefs of the Conservatives' values anyway.

Meeenal Vanburkar at, "GOP Strategist: Party Needs Views That Aren’t ‘Right Out Of Rush Limbaugh’s Dream Journal":

“'It’s very fashionable now to beat up Romney,' Murphy said, 'and he made an unfortunate comment after the election — but biggest problem Mitt Romney was the Republican primary. That’s what’s driving the Republican brand right now to a disaster.'

"In light of that, he offered some advice: 'We’ve got to get a kind of a party view of America that’s not right out of Rush Limbaugh’s dream journal.'"

And Kevin Cirilli at, in a piece, "Steve Schmidt: GOP must muzzle Rush Limbaugh":

"Republican strategist Steve Schmidt said early Wednesday morning on MSNBC that it’s time for Republican leaders to stand up to 'extreme statements' and 'nonsense' coming from within the GOP, including Rush Limbaugh.

“'Now, people calling for revolution and these extreme statements — when I talk about a civil war in the Republican Party, what I mean is, it’s time for Republican elected leaders to stand up and to repudiate this nonsense, and to repudiate it directly,' Schmidt said.

"He continued: 'There has been a culture of fear and intimidation, that you are not a real conservative if you won’t, you know, if you won’t, you know, stand — if you stand up to these extreme statements, whether it’s Rush Limbaugh calling that young lady a slut, or a hundred other examples over the last four years.'

"Schmidt was referring to Sandra Fluke, who Limbaugh called a slut in February on his radio program after she testified on Capital Hill about contraception."

These campaign consultants, Mike Murphy, Steve Schmidt, as well as others are talking continuously about the Conservative talking heads' losing the Election on all of the political the talk shows (it wasn't the consultants' fault, of course). So their very own media propagandists, Fox News, Limbaugh and Company have been served notice; you belong to *us,* not our followers.

Cynics may well laugh at the paradox over Fox News, one of the founders and organizers of the so-called "Tea Party," for being told to turn on the consumers of its advertisers' products. One wonders if Limbaugh can be told that he needs to follow the Party's lead like before.

We are at the threshold of the split of the GOP, From the days of the Whigs and Tories of the 18th century to today, political parties have been torn asunder. Just remember, the greediest of the wealthiest of us will be active in any sort of party friendly to its aims - the elevation of the rich over the 98%. Unless Conservatism is declared illegal, parties will be formed by the Selfish Class.

But business will continue as usual. It is absolutely impossible for Conservatives win elections without lying, hyperbole, and the usual all-out assault on logic and reason. Whatever their new images may be, always remember the Conservatives' first and only goal: to impose their will on the rest of us.


"It's moments like this where the only thing that holds a marriage together is the husband
bein' big enough to step back and see where his wife is wrong."

Archie Bunker, All In The Family