Sunday, November 11, 2012

Proven: Conservatives Thrive On Low-Effort Thought

'Low-Effort Thought’ Promotes Political Conservatism, New Study Says'

From an article by Meenal Vamburkar in

"A new study suggests that people’s first response tends to be one that reflects a more politically conservative view. Published in the journalPersonality and Social Psychology Bulletin, it notes that conservatism is tied to 'low-effort thought.'

"The study suggests 'that political conservatism may be a process consequence of low-effort thought; when effortful, deliberate thought is disengaged, endorsement of conservative ideology increases.' In a statement released by the University of Arkansas, psychologist Dr. Scott Eidelman said, “People endorse conservative ideology more when they have to give a first or fast response.”

"In an email to The Huffington Post, Eidelman clarified that this conclusion does not imply that conservatives are intellectually lazy. 'Our research shows that low-effort thought promotes political conservatism, not that political conservatives use low-effort thinking,' he said."

Huffington Post's take on the study:

"As The Huffington Post reported in February, a study published in the journal "Psychological Science" showed that children who score low on intelligence tests gravitate toward socially conservative political views in adulthood--perhaps because conservative ideologies stress "structure and order" that make it easier to understand a complicated world.


"And now there's the new study linking conservative ideologies to "low-effort" thinking.

"People endorse conservative ideology more when they have to give a first or fast response," the study's lead author, University of Arkansas psychologist Dr. Scott Eidelman, said in a written statement released by the university.

Does the finding suggest that conservatives are lazy thinkers?

"Not quite," Dr. Eidelman told The Huffington Post in an email. "Our research shows that low-effort thought promotes political conservatism, not that political conservatives use low-effort thinking."

"For the study, a team of psychologists led by Dr. Eidelman asked people about their political viewpoints in a bar and in a laboratory setting.

"Bar patrons were asked about social issues before blowing into a Breathalyzer. As it turned out, the political viewpoints of patrons with high blood alcohol levels were more likely to be conservative than were those of patrons whose blood alcohol levels were low.

"But it wasn't just the alcohol talking, according to the statement. When the researchers conducted similar interviews in the lab, they found that people who were asked to evaluate political ideas quickly or while distracted were more likely to express conservative viewpoints.

"'Keeping people from thinking too much...or just asking them to deliberate or consider information in a cursory manner can impact people's political attitudes, and in a way that consistently promotes political conservatism,' Dr. Eidelman said in the email.

We now know that Conservatives are less intelligent than liberals--and now we know that conservative "thought" is nothing more than a matter of lazy thinking.

These sort of findings ( make Conservatives enraged, as the innate stupidity of the average Conservative sheeplet is complemented by the fury inherent in the right-wing Authoritarian Personality ("In role-playing situations, authoritarians tend to seek dominance over others by being competitive and destructive instead of cooperative").

Analyses of large representative samples, from both the United States and the United Kingdom, confirm this prediction. In both countries, more intelligent children are more likely to grow up to be liberals than less intelligent children. For example, among the American sample, those who identify themselves as “very liberal” in early adulthood have a mean childhood IQ of 106.4, whereas those who identify themselves as “very conservative” in early adulthood have a mean childhood IQ of 94.8.

100 is the average IQ score, Liberals score 106.4, an average of 11.6 points over the Conservatives' below-intelligence score of 94.8
Conservatism thrives on low intelligence and poor information.

When Conservative is finally criminalized, the Conservative leadership will finally be brought to justice; it only remains for us to re-educate the sheeplets, and perhaps to discover new neurological methods of decreasing their authoritarian proclivities and increasing their intelligence.  Since low intelligence in childhood was found to corresponded with racism in adulthood, these changes may have to be implemented by moving those children into re-education camps and neurological centers when they are quite young.  But we must try everything we can to eliminate the scourge of Conservatism from our democratic society.


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