Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tea Party: Still With Us

"The price of liberty is eternal vigilence," and if you think that the re-election of President Barack Obama spells the end of Tea Party politics, you're wrong.  Richard Cowen's article at agrees:

"WASHINGTON, Nov 8 (Reuters) - Tea Party candidates may have spoiled Republican chances of taking control of the U.S. Senate, but the small-government movement will continue to hold sway in Washington for at least the next few years on fiscal - if not social - issues, experts said on Wednesday.

"If not for the poor performance of some Tea Party-backed Senate candidates in both the 2012 and 2010 elections, Republicans could have been in the majority in the chamber. Instead, much to Republicans' dismay, Democrats have actually become stronger.

"The ground is strewn with the bodies of failed Tea Party candidates in states where Democrats otherwise would have been sent to their own political graves: Todd Akin in Missouri and Richard Mourdock in Indiana in 2012; Sharron Angle in Nevada and Christine O'Donnell in Delaware in 2010, to name a few.

"Meanwhile, in the House of Representatives, the head of the Tea Party Caucus - Michelle Bachmann - appears to have just barely dodged defeat on Tuesday, while colleagues including Allen West and Joe Walsh were not as fortunate.

"'The Tea Party is over," crowed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee."

Not so fast.

"That conclusion could be premature, as Republicans are showing every sign of hanging tough in their drive to keep taxes low, including for the wealthy, and to limit government spending - central philosophies they share with the Tea Party movement.

"The top U.S. Republican, House Speaker John Boehner, said as much on Tuesday night, when he proclaimed that Obama had no mandate to raise taxes on the rich, even though the president had scored a solid re-election victory and Democrats increased their membership in the Senate.

"And so when it comes to budget and tax issues, Republican leaders in Congress may have to continue answering Tea Party demands.

"'Boehner still needs to keep his back to the wall on these folks,' said Stephen Hess, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who follows Congress.

"Hess also noted that Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who faces re-election in 2014, must be on the watch for primary-season challenges from the Tea Party, along with Senator Lindsey Graham. The same goes for Senators Saxby Chambliss and Lamar Alexander, according to other political analysts.


"For all the attention Tea Party activists got last year, when they nearly brought the federal government to a grinding halt during a struggle with Democrats over the budget deficit and federal debt, and for all the muscle-flexing they continue to do, Hess said the loosely knit group's years are numbered.

Social issues are another matter, though, with Republicans apparently gaining little advantage when the Tea Party wades into abortion, immigration or other hot-button matters.

"Akin's Senate bid sunk after he talked about 'legitimate rape; this summer, while Mourdock faded when he said that pregnancy after rape could be ;something that God intended.'"

So even though the sociopaths in charge of the asylum, the leadership uneasily commanding the Tea Party membership, the Wall Street and Country Club core, are attempting to take back control of the Party from the Conservative sheeplets, it may take another ten years before the leadership gets back on track.

In the meantime:

"So if Democrats, as expected, begin pushing social issues next year, such as comprehensive immigration reform, analysts say that Republican leadership scrapes with the Tea Party could be on public view, especially as the party tries to figure out a way to begin appealing to a growing Hispanic population."

In terms of our war against Conservatism, NOTHING has changed.  The Conservatives' goal remains the subjagation of the 98 percent.  Their attempts will still remain relentless.  Their future depends on our ability to withstand their incessant lies and anti-American legislation, to vote Conservative Democrats AND Republicans out of office, and to repeal all of the anti-democratic legislation passed by the Conservatives in Congress during the past decades.


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