Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Are You Better Off Than You Were 4 Years Ago?

From Factcheck.org, "Obama's Numbers, Updated," a last-minute check on a collection of key statistical measures of the president’s (first) term in office.  A few have changed for the worse, but on the whole, the numbers are in the President's favor:

"The number of jobs has increased substantially with the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example. There are now about 580,000 more people employed than when Obama took office, counting a gain of 171,000 jobs in October, plus upward revisions to the preliminary gains for August and September, and the annual “benchmarking” correction that the BLS announced previously, to be applied to this year’s monthly numbers in January.

"Numbers that have improved include gasoline prices, which have dropped substantially. The average national price of regular in the 7 days ending Oct. 29 was 93 percent higher than it was just before Obama took office. (It had been 106 percent higher.) Consumer confidence has continued to improve — a good sign for the future — and the index published by the Conference Board is now 92 percent above where it was at the start of Obama’s term. (It had been 86 percent higher when we posted our original graphic.) And more recent figures from the Energy Information Administration show wind and solar power generation is now 117 percent higher than at the start of Obama’s term, up by one percentage point since our October tally.

"As we cautioned before, no single number, or collection of numbers, can tell the entire story of a president’s time in office. And, of course, opinions will differ as to how much blame or credit any president should get for things that happen on his watch. The increase in the national debt, for example, is not entirely Obama’s doing. As we’ve noted numerous times, federal spending was running $1.2 trillion above expected revenues at the time he took office, and the economy lost over 800,000 jobs in January 2009 before he was sworn in, and 724,000 the month after.

"So take these figures for what they are worth: A statistical sketch of changes that occurred during Obama’s time in office, as accurate and timely as we can make it on the eve of election 2012."

And finally, Bespoke Investment Group compiled some tables ranking the best and worst stocks since election day November 4, 2008.

These figures offer a short view of the last 12 years of our political history:  an economic collapse orchestrated by a Conservative president that almost drove us into another Great Depression, followed by an economic recovery - although the figures don't show us how the Conservatives in Congress desperately tried to forestall or even destroy the recovery so that President Obama would lose his re-election.

No strategy is too wicked, no tactics too immoral for the Conservative mindset on its relentless drive for total power and wealth.  Not one aspect of our democracy is immune to the Conservative drive to plunge us back into the medieval days of serfdom and feudalism that they so desire.

It is time to drive the Conservative front group, the Republican Party, out of power.  It is time to declare Conservatism illegal.


"It does not matter what you do in the bedroom as long as you do not do it in the street and
frighten the horses."

Mrs. Patrick Campbell