Sunday, September 23, 2012

Conservatives HATE Social Security

If the Conservatives have enough of a majority in Congress and a do-what-we-tell-you empty suit in the White House, they will kill Social Security, no matter how they claim that they are only trying to "reform" it.

Alan Grayson, Congressional candidate "with guts," (sign up for his Facebook page here --> wrote a piece recently on the Republican plan to dismantle Social Security, "They Want To Destroy Social Security (Circa 1935)."

Some excerpts:

"...all the crocodile tears that the Right Wing sheds for the supposed insolvency of Social Security are just a cover story for what they really want to do, i.e., destroy Social Security. My Tea Party opponent is a perfect example of this: he calls Social Security a 'Ponzi scheme'; he calls Social Security and Medicare 'robbery'; he calls them unconstitutional; and somehow we’re supposed to believe that he’s the one to save them.

"So it has ever been. So it will ever be.

"Germany introduced Social Security in 1889. It came to America 'only' 46 years later, in 1935. When the Social Security program was introduced here, one of its most vociferous critics was former Republican President Herbert Hoover. Having led America into the Great Depression, Hoover wanted to make sure that no one led it out. (Does that ring a bell?)

According to an Associated Press report on May 6, 1935, and a New York Times report on May 22, 1938 (sorry, no NYT link), Hoover attacked Social Security in apocalyptic terms. Regarding the security for seniors that the program would provide, Hoover said that 'we can find [the same economic stability] in our jails. The slaves had it [too].' Hoover said that programs like Social Security would put Americans in cages: 'Our people are not ready to be turned into a national zoo.'

"Hoover said that rather than indulging in programs like Social Security, Americans should 'cling to their family life, to their homes, to their individual self-respect, to their rights, to their individual liberties.' He urged that we must not shift 'from the self-made man to the government-coddled man.' 

"I know that this sounds just like Paul Ryan, but it was Herbert Hoover. Really.

"Hoover added that the way to achieve 'genuine social security' was not through government handouts, but by 'saving pennies and producing more.'

"Yes, those pennies sure add up, don’t they? Save five of them, and you’ve got a nickel. Or, in Mitt Romney’s case, a quarter.

"Hoover said that he believed in private charity, not government handouts. He predicted that government programs like Social Security would destroy private charity, 'one of the most fundamental of inspirations in the spiritual growth of the family or individual.' 

"Now you know whom Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum got their ideas from.

"With unemployment in America approaching 25%, Hoover said that social programs like Social Security simply weren’t needed to feed, house and clothe people. 'We could do that by the simple
methods of bread lines, barracks and dungarees.
' The government could do nothing to ameliorate these problems; the only answer was courage and vision in adversity.'

"This sounds like something that Mitt Romney would say, right? Either that, or something equally vacuous.

"Herbert Hoover led the Republican effort to strangle Social Security in its crib. And now, 77 years later, Republicans are trying to suffocate Social Security as it lies in bed.

"At least they’re consistent."

Note the " the simple methods of bread lines, barracks and dungarees."  For those who have been complaining that this site exaggerates the aim of the Conservatives, that they truly want a return to feudalism, that this criminal conspiracy has been in place for decades, read this line again.

We'll have a happy new life with equal rights for all... Except blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Jews, gays, women, Muslims... Everyone who's not a white man. And I mean white-white, so no Italians, no Polish... Just people from Ireland, England and Scotland. But only certain parts of Scotland and Ireland... Just full-blooded whites... No, you know what? Nobody gets any rights! Ah, America!

Peter Griffin, *Family Guy*