Wednesday, July 18, 2012

American Billionaires And Their Conservative Servants

Not Your Grandparent' Filibuster

From the website of Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont:

Disclose Corporate Campaign CashJuly 17, 2012

Senate Republicans Tuesday for the second time this week blocked a bill to increase transparency in campaign spending by corporations and others.

In a 53-45 vote, the legislation again failed to obtain the 60 votes needed to clear a Republican filibuster this afternoon. The bill would have required disclosure of anyone who donates to independent groups that spent more than $10,000 on campaign ads."

Just A Few of Our Future Lords, Masters, And Mistresses

Speaking of the filibuster against the DISCLOSE ACT Monday, ( Harry Reid said, "If this flood of outside money continues, the day after the election, 17 angry old white men will wake up and realize they just bought the country. That's a sad commentary. About 60 percent, or more, of these outside dollars [contributing $10,000 or more] are coming from these 17 people."

Yesterday we wrote about billionaire Conservative Sheldon Adelson and how he may get caught breaking the law "by the Justice Department and the FCC for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for 'fixing' local Macau government officials and fellow 'legitimate businessmen,' i.e., Chinese crime figures, to keep his foundering Macau casinos from foundering. Nevada State investigators are also in the act since state law bars licensed casino operators from associating with members of organized crime."

But only if his puppet, Mitt Romney, somehow wins the election and becomes our President.  The odds at Adelson's Vegas operation will be prohibitive in favor of that possibility, when Romney's benefactor calls for a favor Romney "can't refuse."

Now we can multiply the Adelson effect by 16 - or more - as the hungry billionaires belly up to the Treasury's golden trough.   Can anyone bet that Romney's election will help the People?   The odds are against it.   Romney's election may be the final nail in the American Coffin, the final act that will drive our country towards a feudal economy of Lords and Serfs - with a perpetual Conservative "President" to do the oligarchy's bidding.

As the Nevada Progressive said, "It's horrifying enough that we now live in an era when a few ultra-rich individuals and multinational corporations can spend as much as they want to buy elections.  It's even scarier that we don't know the full picture of who's actually giving how much to what.  In a rational environment, the DISCLOSE Act is just basic common sense.  It's really the least that can be done to help us figure out who's behind the shadowy attack ads popping up on our TVs, tablets, and mailboxes." (

The actual numbers of millionaires is almost double Senator Reid's estimate: Besides Adelson, 32 billionaires have contributed to Romney's coffers, men so rich that Romney is a panhandler in comparison - not only by definintion, but by net worth, including Charles Schwab and a few members of the Walton familia. (

Here, to show you the men and women who wish to be your rulers after the enormous money they contribute in secret helps their boy into the White House, together with voter suppression laws, good old fashioned voter intimidation, and hacked voting machines.

A Pinterest gallery of Romney's billionaire backers: And these don't include the multi-millionaires, those on a par with Romney who possesses a mere quarter billion dollars or so.

Guess Which Level You'll Occupy - Even The Tea Party Protestors.

Are you still in doubt that Conservatives are members of a "vast rightwing conspiracy" dedicated to overthrowing all the democratic aspects of our government? The only doubt at this point is whether or not, like man-made climate change made possible by international multi-corporations owned by magnates like the Pinterest list above, it's too late.


"You've got to be honest; if you can fake that, you've got it made."

George Burns