Monday, May 28, 2012

FIRST POST! JUNE 19, 2012.

"Yes, Virginia, There Is A Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy." Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman, described in several of his books" an interlocking set of institutions ultimately answering to a small group of people that collectively reward loyalists and punish dissenters" in the service of "movement conservatism." The network of institutions provides:
"obedient politicians with the resources to win elections, safe havens in the event of defeat, and lucrative career opportunities after they leave office. They guarantee favorable news coverage to politicians who follow the party line, while harassing and undermining opponents. And they support a large standing army of party intellectuals and activists."
In Krugman's view, "the network of foundations that fund conservative scholarship, the national and regional think tanks and advocacy groups, talk radio media outlets, and conservative law firms through which they pushed their agenda to move the Republican Party to the right, far surpass in funding, size, inter-connectedness or influence anything the Democratic Party or the American liberal movement have at their disposal." Coupled with "Bush's Brain" Karl Rove's vision for a permanent Republican government, the blood chills several hundred degrees below zero.

And how do the Conservatives do this without our permission? By Hacking The Vote: ( and ( and (

The 2012 Election is in jeopardy. The Conservatives have hijacked the votes before, and there seems to be little interest in preventing it again. Barrack Obama was said to have won the 2008 Election with 53% of the vote. Who's to say it wasn't 58% or more.

If Conservatism isn't stopped with all the forces we can bring to muster, the permanent Repubican/Conservative government is right around the corner.