Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fox News' Lies On Behalf of Conservatism's Aims

From Mark Howard at, "Greetings from Crazyland! 10 Instances of Fox Nation's Departure from Reality.  Fox Nation is a website integral to the Fox news family. And their abuse of reality and truth is truly breathtaking," an examination of the lies from the most active arm of the Republican Party, and as we saw a few days ago:

"When Fox News debuted sixteen years ago, it was crafted from scratch to be a partisan outlet for right-wing propaganda and a platform for advancing a conservative agenda. Its founder, Rupert Murdoch, was already an internationally known purveyor of right-slanted newspapers and broadcasters. Complimenting Fox’s television presence is its Internet community web site, Fox Nation. The statement of purpose posted on the Fox Nation web site says that it is 'committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse, and fair and balanced coverage of the news.' Needless to say, they have fallen wide of their alleged purpose by several light years.

"Fox Nation is layered thickly with far-right extremist diatribes and links to disreputable articles plucked from the Internet’s fringes. And the notion that civil discourse can take place on Fox Nation is quickly dispelled by reading their user forums with their frequent use of the 'N' word and juvenile references to the President as 'Odumbo' and the First Lady as 'Moo-chelle.' These sorts of comments are not anomalies. Fox Nation is deliberately catering to this caliber of audience who revel in overt racist and hostile dialogue. This is not the conventional, freewheeling online chatter that is found on comment boards and is particularly unusual for a site sponsored by a major national news network.

"What follows are ten excerpts from my ebook, Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Community’s Assault On Truth . The book chronicles more than fifty flagrantly dishonest reports by the Fox Nationalist team of faux journalists. These are not mere differences of opinion or discussions that might have varying degrees of perspective. They are obvious, provable, outright lies, and they are manifestations of a disconnect with the real world.

1. "Human Carbon Emissions Could Put OFF a Lethal New Ice Age"
2. "College Mate: Obama Was An Ardent Marxist-Leninist"
3. "Obama Selling Amnesty For $465"
4) "Americans Not Buying Buffett Rule"
5) "NBC News Hires Anchor Who Pledged to Not Criticize Obama About Anything"
6) "Elizabeth Warren Praises Communist China"
7) "Stocks Tumble Worldwide After Obama Speech"
8) "Guess Who Tried To Break Into Southwest Cockpit?"
9) "Man Linked to ‘Occupy’ Protest Charged With Attempted Assassination of Obama"
10) "Poll: Majority Blame Obama For Bad Economy"

"These are just a few examples of the veracity-challenged deceptions that appear everyday on Fox Nation. In the ebook,Fox Nation vs. Reality, there are dozens more examples of the documented, deliberate dishonesty that is the hallmark of Fox News."

Political and news junkies probably knew the truths to at least 8 out of the ten lies.  Please go to for the rebuttals to the 10 lies, and to the other links in the piece if you want more.

Another take on the Fox News lies is from Rachel Maddow's "Rachel Maddow Beating Hannity: Are People Finally Catching on to FOX News' BS?."

"Fox News is continuing to show weakness in its primetime schedule in the wake of President Obama’s reelection. In the eight days since election day MSNBC’s average audience for the key 25-54 year old demographic drew about 8% more viewers than Fox. [Source: TVNewser, weekday Nielsen ratings from 11/7-11/16]

"Particularly impressive were the results of the two powerhouse programs on the MSNBC lineup: Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell. Maddow won seven of the eight days against her Fox competition, Sean Hannity. For the 8-day run Maddow beat Hannity by 18% and her 544k average was second to only Bill O’Reilly in all of cable news. O’Donnell won all eight days against Fox’s Greta Van Susteren. His margin of victory over Van Susteren was 17% for the eight days.

"This can no longer be considered a temporary blip on the ratings scales. With two weeks having elapsed, the MSNBC programs are showing steady strength against competition that was once thought insurmountable. Only Bill O’Reilly is holding his top position for Fox in primetime. This may indicate that Sean Hannity is wearing thin with viewers who are likely disappointed with his overly confident (and harebrained) assurances that all the polls were wrong and that Mitt Romney would emerge victorious.

"Hannity is perhaps the most stridently partisan host on the Fox News network and frequently augments his analysis with that of the pundit world’s most notorious nutcase, Dick Morris. As for Van Susteren, she never had the cult-like following of her Fox comrades, but she has been closely associated with her good friend (and client of her husband), Sarah Palin. That association may also have become a drag on the ratings of her show. Hannity has been with Fox since its launch and is still a top-rated radio talker. Van Susteren, on the other hand, had better start to show some improvement or her time slot will go to daytimer Megyn Kelly, a Roger Ailes favorite whose contract is expiring next year and likely wants to move to primetime.

"But one thing is for sure, Fox will not be sitting this out. If MSNBC doesn’t build on their momentum, Fox will dial up the heat and retake the lead they’ve had for the past decade. Hopefully MSNBC recognizes the short window they have to make these gains permanent and jump through it."

Yes, "Fox will not be sitting this out."  If the price of liberty is indeed eternal vigilance, then the battle against Fox, Limbaugh, and the rest of the paid operatives of the Conservative leadership is vigilance twenty hours a day.  Fox would not exist without the backing of the richest people in the nation and the most Conservative.  The nation may not exist much longer in its present form if we allow any vestige of Conservatism to exist.  It is time to criminalize Conservatism.


"He was a man of splendid abilities but utterly corrupt. Like rotten mackerel by moonlight,
he shines and stinks"

John Randolph on Edward Livingstone


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