Monday, October 1, 2012

Gun-Crazed Conservatives Waiting For The Call

Ft. Stewart soldiers charged with murder and conspiracy to assassinate the President 

In series of articles at, "Why Right-Wingers Need ‘Skewed Polls’ Conspiracy Theory for Romney to Win -- And Even More If He Loses" (It's an all-bases-covered false narrative, one that could explain away either voter suppression or a devastating loss.) and "How The Right's Latest Conspiracy Theory Might Unleash a Wave of Domestic Terrorism if Obama Wins" (Some types of spin are more dangerous than others.), have exposed the Conservative mind and found it wanting.

From the first article:

"In the alternate universe occupied by the right, there’s a dark conspiracy afoot -- one in which the steadfast conservative exists in an undulating world that conspires to confound him with unwelcome information: his big car is melting the polar ice caps, women are bringing home the bacon and, four years ago, a black man won the presidency, fair and square. Information that so disturbs challenges his comfort level must surely be wrong.

"Don’t even try to mention the wastefulness of the incandescent light bulb.

"Since the inception of the ironically named Fox News Channel, right-wing media consumers have been convinced that every news source outside of their favored outlets pushes lies designed to destroy their beloved country with a collectivist agenda, one that favors those perceived as unworthy of partaking in the nation’s bounty. (These “unworthy,” of course, are often non-white and/or non-heterosexual-male.)

"To those of the paranoid, xenophobic mindset first identified by Richard Hofstadter in the 1960s, it’s hardly a stretch to believe it when they’re told that the very polls that are used by media to assess the state of political contests are skewed to favor the liberal candidate, especially when the candidate is a black man named Obama.

"...the narrative went public in conspiratorial form on August 28, when Dean Chambers, a right-wing blogger, launched a Web site, based on the notion that nearly all the national polling operations were including too high a percentage of self-described Democrats in the sample groups that pollsters use as their stand-ins for the total electorate when doing their surveys.

"If pollsters were including too many Democrats in their sample groups, went the reasoning, then all those surveys by major polling operations showing Obama breaking ahead? Wrong, wrong, wrong. In fact, Chambers claimed, when you 'unskew' those polls, Romney is winning big in the alternate universe. Just go to Chambers’ Web site and look at his yummy, sauteed numbers.

"The number one reason for the 'skewed polls' narrative is, as mentioned earlier, the need to create a high level of right-wing turnout in early voting and on election day. And if Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition, working alongside other powerhouse groups such as the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity, manages to exceed expectations in the turnout of right-wing voters, Reed will have created a self-fulfilling prophecy. (See? The polling models were wrong.) Fair enough.

"But there are benefits to be gained, as well, from the evolution of a theory to a conspiracy. If the media are believed to have deliberately over-sampled Democrats in their polling, then any suppression of Democratic votes, particularly among non-whites (which has become job one of a significant portion of the red-state legislative class) will be easily dismissed in the right’s Milky-White Way galaxy as left-wing hysteria."

"Most chillingly, should Romney lose the election, the result of such a conspiracy theory will be to cast doubt on the outcome of the election itself, reinforcing the false notion, ever popular on the right, that the presidency of Barack Obama is not constitutionally legitimate. In the mind of the unhinged, as AlterNet's Joshua Holland suggests, that’s a license to violence."

From the Second Article:

"Consider how a loosely-hinged member of the right-wing fringe – an unstable individual among the third of conservative Republicans who believe Obama's a Muslim or the almost two-thirds who think he was born in another country – expecting a landslide victory for the Republican might process an Obama victory. This is a group that has also been told, again and again, that Democrats engage in widespread voter fraud – that there are legions of undocumented immigrants, dead people and ineligible felons voting in this election ( with the help of zombie ACORN ). They've been told that Democrats are buying the election with promises of “free stuff” offered to the slothful and unproductive half of the population that pays no federal income taxes and refuses to “take responsibility for their lives” – Romney's 47 percent.

"They've also been told – by everyone from NRA president Wayne LaPierre to Mitt Romney himself – that Obama plans to ban gun ownership in his second term. (Two elaborate conspiracy theories have blossomed around this point. One holds that Fast and Furious – which, in reality, is much ado about very little – was designed to elevate gun violence to a point where seizing Americans' firearms would become politically popular. The second holds that a United Nations treaty on small arms transfers (from which the United States has withdrawn) is in fact a stealthy workaround for the Second Amendment.)

"And they've been warned in grim, often apocalyptic terms of what's to come in a second term. The film, “2016: Obama's America,” offers a dystopian vision of a third-world America gutted by Obama's supposed obsession with global wealth redistribution. His re-election would bring something far worse than mere socialism – it would be marked by Kenyan anti-colonialism, in which America's wealth is bled off as a form of reparations for centuries of inequities between the global North and South.

"These kinds of fringe views aren't relegated to the fever swamps of the right-wing blogosphere – they're often reinforced by elected Republicans. Reps Steve King, R-Iowa, Michele Bachmann, R-Minnesota, Louie Gohmert, R-Texas and others warn that the Obama administration has been infiltrated by Islamic Extremists . An elected judge in Texas advocated a tax increase – yes, a tax increase! – in order to better arm local sheriff's deputies whom he claimed would serve on the front-lines of the civil war likely to come should Obama be re-elected. “I’m talking Lexington, Concord, take up arms, get rid of the dictator,” he said.

This is what the Conservative leadership has come to.  Consistently thwarted by the American people to halt their dreams of total takeover of the country, they have declared The War On The Poor And The Middle Class, the leaders now have urged their sheeplets to grab the arms that Conservative gun legislation has enabled them to amass without restriction, and all that many of the sheeplets are waiting for before grabbing their guns is the re-election of President Obama.

"There is one thing I would break up over and that is if she caught me with
another woman. I wouldn't stand for that."

Steve Martin


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