Thursday, September 27, 2012

Go To Jail Free Card: The Management of A Conspiracy

In what appears at first glance just to be another "boring legal article," Maryam K. Ansari, Esq. reported on a decision by the Eighth Circuit Court that will spell trouble for Conservative leaders and their sheeplet followers in a story titled, "Sentencing Guidelines: Management of A Conspiracy Defined."  (A tip of the hat to Facebook patriot Jim Bryant for finding this article!)

Sheeplets, watch out!

"What constitutes “management” of a conspiracy when it comes to enhanced sentencing, under the sentencing guidelines in the Eighth Circuit?

"This week, two defendants lost their combined sentence appeal in the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals. The two were convicted of running a massive counterfeit identification scheme, where they produced 'fake IDs.'

"Their appeal focused on the enhancements to their sentence. Silvia Duhart-Orea was given a twenty-four month sentence while her co-conspirator, Allan Roustand-Rolon, was given a fifty-seven month sentence.

"Both sentences were on the low end of the sentencing guidelines for the defendants. Nevertheless, they both raised the argument that the District Court applied the enhancements erroneously.

"After an undercover sting in 2010, the defendants were found in possession of twenty print cartridges used to produce hundreds of fake IDs. The two pled guilty to conspiracy to transfer false identification documents.

"The sentencing guidelines set the range between twenty-four and thirty months for Duhart-Orea. Her sentence was enhanced for the transfer of more than one-hundred documents. She argued this enhancement based on insufficient evidence that she transferred over one hundred fake IDs.

"Unfortunately for her, Duhart-Orea testified previously that she sold at least one fake ID a day for a period of one year.

"Roustand-Rolon had a heavier sentence based on his role as manager of the operation. On appeal, he argued that the court erred as it failed to show that he had sufficient management over the co-conspirators.

"This argument didn't fly with the Eighth Circuit. The appropriate standard for the manager/supervisor enhancement was not based on the management of co-conspirators. Rather, it was based on the 'management responsibility over the property, assets, or activities of a criminal organization.'

"Both sentences were affirmed."

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"Trial Documents in U.S. v. Duhart-Orea (US Government Printing Office)"

When Conservatism is criminalized, the Conservative leaders will face increased, enhanced  sentencing for the "management responsibility over the...activities of a criminal organization," and sheeplets bleating for proof of their complicity in the largest criminal conspiracy in history will be out of luck if they try to appeal their sentences, as they have left their footprints all over the Internet.

At, we have made the case that when Conservatism is finally made illegal, that Conservative follower-sheeplets might escape sentencing under a new standard, that stupidity and genetic meanness and authoritarianism were mitigating influences of their participation in the criminal conspiracy called Conservatism.  But the Eighth Circuit Court may have thrown a monkey wrench into the machinery, and as Conservative sheeplets agree that the law must be upheld, this bodes ill for the sheeplets chances for repatriation in education camps, that they will face lengthy prison sentences instead.

Alas, 98% of the sheeplets do not possess either the stamina, concentration, or the intellectual ability to read much further than the second paragraph of this posting...but for those who make it this far: before it's too late, renounce your silly adherence to the propaganda of the Conservative leadership that has held you under its sway, bring a halt to your vicious postings NOW, scrub and delete past activities on the 'net as best you can, and re-register your party preference as 'Democratic.'


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