Friday, September 7, 2012

All Children Are Liberals

In a classroom election in grammar school is one 12-year old candidate allowed by the teacher to lie about another candidate? Is a 10-year old running for class president allowed to remove votes for his opponent from the ballot box?  Is a high school candidate for class secretary allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money from her parents to plaster posters and spread flyers all over the campus?

If once in office, will a Principal of a middle school permit all of the boys to refuse to support any and all of the proposals of a female student body president drafted for the benefit of the entire school because she beat a boy for the office?

If the proposals are made in our congress by an African American president, in the adult world the answer is yes.

Was that boy allowed in his campaign to issue inflammatory speeches against his opponent's sex or race?

When he was an adult and his name was Strom Thurmond, yes. ( Click here for interview with the hypocritical secessionist, Senator Thurmond's African-American illegitimate daughter, Essie Mae Williams -->

What we teach our children in school, what we forbid them to do has somehow been overlooked as we observe the behavior of adult Conservatives.

We teach our children to stand in lines and not cut to the front; we don't give the best text books to those with the richest parents; we teach them that science trumps superstition; we don't allow our children to cheat, lie, or steal; we don't allow them to highjack the lunch money from weaker classmates; no one student is favored over another; no group of students can tell another group what they should do or how they should act; and teachers do not take the pocket change from poorer students to give to the richer kids.

The group most likely to cheat, lie, or steal in the adult world are the Conservative fat cats and their political front group, the GOP - and their intellectually challenged sheeplets have somehow unlearned all they were taught as children.

As adults, they've learned how to make killing, lying, stealing, cheating, and all forms of criminal behavior acceptable - while we are taught to ignore the indisputable fact that such behavior constitutes criminal activity.  And for their crimes, this organized crime cartel should be outlawed...

Criminalize Conservatism Now!

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Thomas Agnes 


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