Monday, July 23, 2012

Ban The GOP?

Charles Darwin had his Alfred Russel Wallace,  Marx had his Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, ("Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865), though more properly considered an anarchist, articulated a hostility toward capitalists that was echoed in the writings of many socialists. His slogan "property is theft" was a handy, if inflammatory, summation of the labor theory of value, and much influenced popular socialism among the working classes. However, like the majority of socialists and Communists, he was not strictly opposed to all private property: one should be free to own one's own home and domestic goods, for instance. What he objected to was property used to extract wealth from the labor of others: factories, mines, railroads, etc." - Introduction to 19th-Century Socialism.), and "Criminalizing Conservatism" was preceded in a way by "Ban The GOP," a prolific poster on the "Democratic Underground."

(See here, here, and here has the anger needed to cheerlead the removal of such a huge network of crime that Conservatism presents:
"It is imperitive that we seriously look into banning the republican party for GOOD. I am TIRED of people actually accepting the horrific notion that the GOP is a political party. They are NOT. They are an instrument of flagellating their intrusive, insidiously illegal policies on us, and we can NOT just sit here and take it anymore.

"REPUBLICANS NEED TO BE DESTROYED. It is THAT simple. We have to take them out any way possible. The easiest way is to just get Eric Holder to enact the RICO statutes on the party. We have TONS of evidence that the republicans have usurped and bastardized the political process using their captiously crappy capitalist cyst-em.

"I'm sorry, but this is no time to play nice. We need to divert our OWS resources away from the parks and, literally, park in front of EVERY GOP election headquarters in the country. We need to LOUDLY DENOUNCE the nazis running as republicans for ALL offices.

But we respectively insist that the Republican Party is the home of Conservative apparatchiks, the convenient front group for the primary evil doers: the Conservative criminals.  To ban the GOP would only be a temporary inconvenience to the Conservatives.  With all the ease of a CPA circumnavigating unwieldy tax provisions by depositing monies in secret overseas accounts for his grateful clients, the Conservatives would be in action the day after the nullification of the GOP under the banner of, say, the "Tea Party."
"Conservatism" is the name that wealthy sponsors give to their followers to rally under.  Their followers are typically the religious zealot, the Authoritarian Personality, the True Believer that doesn't quite have the intelligence to see beyond memes of "small government," "States' Rights," or "Right To Life," while the wealthy continue to pick their pockets.

The true aim of the Conservative leadership is to dominate the 98 percent of the country that wants to live under a one-man, one-vote system - the democratic system. It has been speculated that our American Revolution may have had as little as a third of the support of the citizenry in 1776.  It will take at least that amount to recognize the pernicious aims of the Conservative leadership before Conservatism is criminalized - by legislation, judicial activism, or revolution.


Charter School. n. First step in the dismantling of public education.  See Reservation School.

Joyce's New Political Dictionary.


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  1. Looks like BantheGOP was actually a brilliant troll. A commenter named "GOPCongress" on actually claimed it as his sock puppet, that he used for years, unitl the Democratic Underground wised up (if I can use "wise" in this context) and, well, banned Ban. He gives a very detailed explanation at this link:

    Very entertaining, inspiring even, though a bit creepy.