Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's STILL Your Great-Great Grandfather's Party!

Although the GOP has changed in that they have allowed the inmates to freerange all over them, they are essentially the same since this guy said:
"The people ought to be ignorant; and our free schools are the bane of society; they make the lowest of the people infinitely conceited." Benjamin Pratt, Advocate-General for the Crown in Massachusetts, 1761.
And why keep us stupid? Here's one reason...

"This land is our land? Not if Republicans have their way."

Located on the Colorado Plateau in northern Arizona, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument includes the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness. The Monument borders Kaibab National Forest to the west and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to the east.   This remote and unspoiled, 280,000-acre Monument is a geologic treasure, containing a variety of diverse landscapes from the Paria Plateau, Vermilion Cliffs, Coyote Buttes, and Paria Canyon. Elevations range from 3,100 to 7,100 feet.
Attribution: Bureau of Land Management
"One of the 43 amendments passed by Senate Republicans in Thursday's vote-a-rama was a sop to extremist state legislatures in the west who have been pushing states' rights bills that would allow the states to sell off the federal public lands within their borders. That's right, congressional Republicans—federal representatives—want to allow states to seize and sell off the nation's heritage.

"U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) amendment, which passed by a vote of 51 to 49, is now part of the Senate’s nonbinding budget resolution. The proposal would support and fund state efforts—which many argue are unconstitutional—to seize and sell America’s public lands. These include all national forests, wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, historic sites, and national monuments.

"Murkowski’s amendment, which would need further legislation to become law, follows a similar proposal from House Natural Resources Committee Chair Rob Bishop (R-UT) to spend $50 million of taxpayer dollars to fund the sale or transfer of U.S. public lands to states.

"That's right—they want to use our money to fund the loss of million and millions of acres of public land..."

Naturally, since everything they want to do to us is anti-American, they have to lie about their intentions when campaigning - like this guy...

...because then you might not realize what they really want from us.

Conservatism still demands that racism rules, just like the "old days..."

"White Supremacists And Fox News Join To Suppress Academic Freedom."

Fox News

"The course itself is a non-controversial exploration of race and the privileges of the majority. It is not, as Fox News characterizes it, an attack on white Americans. Part of the purpose of college is to get an expanded perspective of the world and to challenge preconceptions. However, Fox attacked this class based on nothing more than its name. They did no investigation into the actual curriculum. Having been alerted to the issue by an extremist right-wing organization, Fox’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck led the outcry by stating on Fox & Friends that the class was 'unfair and wrong.' She provided no support for her criticisms.

"Subsequent to the 'reporting' on Fox, the professor involved became the target of an organized campaign of hate. USA Today reports that…
"According to university records recently obtained by The Arizona Republic, assistant professor Lee Bebout has received dozens of hostile and hate-filled e-mails about the class, and Tempe police say the instructor suffered harassment when fliers were distributed on campus and in Bebout’s neighborhood with ‘Anti-White’ printed over a photo of Bebout, who is white."
"Beginning on the day the segment aired on Fox, Bebout began receiving hate mail and threats that contained overtly violent rhetoric. For instance, one letter said 'I look forward to your suicide,' and another wrote 'I’d enjoy seeing you swing from a light pole.' The fliers were labeled 'National Youth Front,' which describes itself as a 'youth organization dedicated to the preservation of all White people.' Further escalating the imminent risk of harm, Bebout’s photo was posted on white supremacist websites along with those of his family, his contact information and other personal details.

"Hasselbeck’s segment on Fox & Friends featured an interview with Lauren Clark, an ASU student who did not enroll in the class. Clark is also a representative of a group called Campus Reform, whose mission is to expose liberal 'bias and abuse on the nation’s college campuses.' It is a project of the ultra-rightist Leadership Institute (LI). Other alumni of LI include Karl Rove and James O’Keefe. Their funding comes from a narrow cabal of conservatives including the Heritage Foundation and the Koch brothers..."

...but they say that they're not racists...

Image result for grandfather's gop

...they're just bigots of a different color...

But they always have been racists, haven't they...

...haven't they?

Image result for grandfather's gop

But to go on with our story, historically, the Cons have informed us that they know all about finance and business and money and stuff...

...then and now...

And this is what happens when you vote for them because you believe that they represent a "new" Conservative outlook...

...especially for the poor and the middle class.

But no matter where you go, a Conservative is still a Conservative...

...because that's the way they roll.

So when you hear phrases like "personal liberty" and "freedom" they don't mean what you think they mean...

...unless you really like the kind of musical accompaniment that they play for us day after day after day...

...because Conservatism is and always has been about one thing and one thing only...

...and it looks like this...

...and like this.


Just like they've always done, during campaign season the Cons are going to be lying through their teeth to keep you from wondering if they're really about something other that "pro-life," or "personal liberties," or any of the other stands that they make to woo the dumbest and meanest of the polity to their side.

But Conservatism is all about the money and how they Cons will do anything and everything they can to grab and keep power while they steal the food from our tables and inflict as much misery they can to keep their billionaire pals happy.

This includes hypocritical rhetoric.

And it includes lying whenever they are challenged.

I think it's time to criminalize Conservatism - before it's too late - don't you?

Joyce, Jnr.


"We've had Medicare since 1965, and Medicare has never done anything to
make people more healthy."

Roy Blunt.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crying Bullies And Thuggery, Alive, Alive-O!

The Capos and button men calling themselves "Conservatives" have been described as liars and cheats, but the way to really understand the Conservative "movement" is to look at the typical thugs and bullies that permeate the leadership, like this guy...

...and the guy who said women's bodies can "shut down" when they're raped...

...and this guy, of course... well as his brother... well as his brother's boss.

But the thuggery starts at the top with the Cons' sponsors...

"40 Corporate Polluters Exposed In Report - Citizens Demand Feds Investigate Koch-Scott-Bush Deal."

"The same companies that are polluting our rivers with toxic chemicals are also polluting our politics with their spending." - Jennifer Rubiello, Environment Florida Campaign Organizer
"Some call them 'polluters' - others call them sociopaths. They are the greedy corporate and political racketeers who care nothing about the safety of other human beings, animals, the environment or democracy. It's all about getting their products made, packaged, and out to consumers for profit. That's it. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil - just do, be, and live by evil. Then get rid of waste wherever you can. 

"Environment America released its 'Polluting Politics Report' shortly after the introduction of a House bill (H.R.5078) to block the EPA’s clean water rule to restore Clean Water Act meant to protect thousands of waterways in Florida - and across the country. 

"Despite Progress, Pollution Remains
· More than half of America’s rivers, lakes, and streams aren’t safe for fishing, swimming, or drinking.
· Industrial facilities still reported dumping more than 206 million pounds of toxic pollution into our waterways in a single year.
 "According to Environment Florida, the company, Buckeye Florida LP, spent millions lobbying in 2012 after dumping tons of toxic chemicals into Florida waterways. In 2013, Buckeye was acquired by Georgia Pacific, which is owned by Koch Industries which is owned by the law-buying multi-billionaires, David and Charles Koch. And there they are again..."

...and the bullying continues as the Cons' corporate sponsors pull their strings of their political puppets...

...even though the puppets are really pretty outlandish compared to normal people...

...and some of those outlandish thugs are even trying to take control of the White House.

Thuggery mixes well with stupidity...

...and if they call you on it, just ignore the questions.

Finally, Conservative thugs and bullies come in a variety of flavors...

...and that Big Tent of thugs and bullies is what makes Conservatism so successful.


Combine the bullying with lies and you get Conservatism.

Combine the lies with fear and hate and you still get Conservatism.

Combine them all with a lot of racketeering and stealing and killing and you get more of the same.

Isn't it way past time to criminalize Conservatism?

Joyce, Jnr.


"Climate change is “ridiculous pseudo-science garbage."

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA).


Monday, March 30, 2015

The "Other" Base: Conservative Sheeplets.

We all remember when this leaked out...

Image result for george w. bush you are my base

...from you know - this guy:

Image result for george w. bush you are my base

But Conservatism couldn't work without its other base - the Conservative Sheeplet.

Dumber than dumb, and with a lot of meanness thrown in, the Sheeplets always vote against their own interests...

...because Conservative spokesmen always tell them how to vote.

Here is what the Conservative leadership wants...

...and here is what their followers get instead...

...because you know, socialism...

...because socialism is, you know, evil...

...and some of Conservatism's most able spokespersons have told you about it, over and over and over again.

But the sad thing about these morons is that they have the memory of a gnat...

...and think facts are pesky things too...

...and if you're a racist, hate-filled person lacking empathy, you are just what the Cons want...

...metaphorically speaking.

But bad things happen when the two Conservative bases get together - like this...

...and this.

So arise Sheeplets, you have nothing to lose except your brains...

...because Jesus would have wanted you to...

...and He wouldn't flip-flow, would he?


Conservatism isn't a social movement.

Conservatism isn't a political theory.

Conservatism is a license to kill and steal in the interests of their wealthy patrons, backed up by the legitimacy of their claim that they're a political party.
But they aren't.

Conservatism is the largest criminal cartel in the history of the planet, and if you can't see that then we've got a plan - we'll...

...criminalize Conservatism.

Joyce, Jnr.


"We needed to have the press be our friend ... (and) ask the questions we want
to answer so that they report the news the way we want it to be reported."

Sharron Angle.